5 things revealed in first trailer for 'Gilmore Girls' revival

Luke (Scott Patterson), Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel), together again in the reboot of “Gilmore Girls,” to be released on Netflix Nov. 25.

It's the first actual, real footage of the highly anticipated reboot.

Walker Art Center to unveil new entrance, hours

A new main entrance and lobby. An outdoor plaza. Tweaked hours. The Walker Art Center announced Tuesday the unveiling of the first phase of its campus renovation.

Obama responds to Trump in presidential 'Mean Tweets' with Jimmy Kimmel

President Obama reads "Mean Tweets" on "JImmy Kimmel Live."

President Obama is used to being insulted, so he's learned to take jabs in his stride. No where is that more apparent than while reading out "Mean Tweets" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

La Belle Vie space gets new tenant — chef of nearby Kenwood

Chef Don Saunders says his new 510 Lounge will focus on dinner and private events.

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Minn. music legend Bobby Vee dies after Alzheimer's battle

Paisley Park museum finally gets go-ahead from Chanhassen

After weeks of hesitation, city of Chanhassen signs off on zoning permits.

She turned Batgirl into a hipster – now Babs Tarr has a new 'Crush'

Babs Tarr tunes into motorcycle racing.

Sheila E salutes Prince with purpose, dignity and spirit at Orchestra Hall

Review: Her tribute Sunday at Orchestra Hall celebrated his commitment to causes.

From locked up to legend: New movie tells story of Mpls. transgender advocate

Imprisoned for fatally stabbing a man, a Minneapolis transgender advocate is the subject of the new documentary "Free CeCe!"

'Walking Dead' shocks fans with two devastating deaths in season 7 premiere

The hit show's fans were saddened by the killings of two major characters.

Want to smell better? Watch your dog

Humans have a poor sense of smell compared with dogs, but they can teach us some of what their noses know.

Rosy Simas delivers an intense and ritualistic 'Skin(s)' at Intermedia Arts

REVIEW: Choreographer and artist Rosy Simas delivered an intense journey with "Skin(s)."

Hold the phone: Doctors OK screen time for kids under 2 (with limits)

What should Prince's estate do to keep his music alive?

The tribute concert is over, and the museum is open. Here's how Prince's family should handle other posthumous projects.

Hax: Angry words to Mom hang in the air

Ask Amy: Parents fret over daughter's relationship

Pariah no more? Mel Gibson gets standing O at academy screening of new film

However heavy the baggage that Mel Gibson carries from a decade ago, the audience screening the new World War II movie that he directed, "Hacksaw Ridge," looked past it.

A gluten-free bakery to open a storefront in Twin Cities this spring
Table Talk

Sift's Molly Miller continues to expand her former hobby

C.J.: Prince's 'wall of security' didn't keep Tommy Smith from getting great photos

“This is what they call an ego boost, big time. Wow,” said photographer Tommy Smith III as I set up video cameras for…

My mother had a stroke, and Comcast wouldn't let us cancel her account

Canceling Mom's cellphone was easy. Canceling cable TV was another matter entirely.

Want latest on Kensington Runestone kerfuffle? A top authority is on his way

Uppsala University's Henrik Williams is coming to the Twin Cities next month to talk about the controversial Minnesota find.

Jazz: Tim Berne returns to Icehouse; Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. at the Dakota

Tim Berne returns Not sure whether the three members of NOH Band have ever played together, but each one is such a renegade stylist that…

Minneapolis will try to smooth bar closing traffic with extra staffers

The city plans to deploy a dozen traffic agents and licensing inspectors to smooth bar traffic downtown.

C.J.: Prince's 'wall of security' didn't keep Tommy Smith from getting great photos

“This is what they call an ego boost, big time. Wow,” said photographer Tommy Smith III as I set up video cameras for…

TV picks for Oct. 26: 'Documentary Now!,' 'Secrets of the Dead,' 'Black Mirror'

Hollywood ending The ambitious satirical series that mocks everything from “The Civil War” to “Grey Gardens,” “Documentary Now!” may be the most hit-or-miss project…

Brace yourself for a busy holiday season at airports

Many airports and seasoned travelers are preparing for surge, but biggest bottlenecks are caused by those once-a year travelers.

Definition of 'healthy' food gets a makeover

It's no shock that some of these foods are considered healthful and others are not. Can you figure out which are which? Be ready to be surprised.

Tally of  the  bog

An annual BioBlitz turns up an astounding number of species in Minnesota's Sax-Zim Bog.

Calling all aspiring authors

We are looking for the next Star Tribune serial novel. Send the first chapter of your unpublished (print or digital) completed manuscript. If we like…

Obama health plan hit by double-digit premium hikes

Premiums will go up sharply next year under President Barack Obama's health care law, and many consumers will be down to just one insurer, the administration confirmed Monday. That's sure to stoke another "Obamacare" controversy days before a presidential election.

TV picks for Oct. 25: Norman Lear, the Beach Boys' Mike Love, 'Everest Air'

Wouldn’t it be nice The battle of the Beach Boys continues, as Dan Rather hosts Mike Love on a new edition of “The Big…

Taylor Swift describes 'feeling violated' and 'stunned' after being groped

Taylor Swift has had a drawn-out legal battle with Denver country radio DJ David Mueller.

Listen to Bobby Vee's hit single 'Take Good Care of My Baby'

Bill Murray 'dazed' by comedy prize

At the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in Washington D.C., Bill Murray discusses winning the award and reveals his favorite Bill Murray movies, while Jimmy Kimmel and Sigourney Weaver pay tribute.

Rarely staged musical 'The Baker's Wife' is a bit overbaked at Bloomington Center for the Arts

REVIEW: Told with fine music, "Baker's Wife" is a yeasty take on a small tale.

So much to hate in Vanilla Ice-led I Love the '90s Tour

Review: Salt-N-Pepa and Rob Base were the bright spots in the well-attended retro-rap concert.

Best classical concerts of the week: Bach Society explores Lutheran music, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra premieres new work

Bartók's greatestHungarian composer Béla Bartók fled Nazi Europe in 1940, finding refuge in America. Before leaving Budapest he wrote his sixth and final string quartet,…

Of course you've been hacked. Now buy some horse tranquilizers.

Somewhere in the latest WikiLeaks e-mail dump there's probably something about our family.A real bombshell: On Aug. 27, we ordered paper plates with a tennis…

TV picks for Oct. 24: 'Man With a Plan,' 'Food: Fact or Fiction?' 'Melody 1963'

Not doin' so hotMatt LeBlanc's return to network television is such a disappointment that you may pine for the comparatively brilliant "Joey." In "Man…