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Lileks, a Minneapolis resident since 1976: "I've never repeated myself once. I don't like to say I write a 'humor' column, since that's subjective. What might be amusing to me might leave you poker-faced. Let's just say my columns are not intended to be taken seriously." He also writes "Streetscape" pieces, which detail the delights and errors, past and present, of the Twin Cities urban environment. He's the author of four novels, four pop-culture "humor" books on vintage subjects and two collections of columns. "People who like my stuff will probably like, and those who don't are probably grateful for the heads-up, and will avoid it," Lileks says.

A one-sided parking argument

This may sound like a stupid question, but why are there no such things as stupid questions? "Why are apples red?" is not a stupid…

Lileks: Something doesn't add up in marketing for Coke Zero Sugar

I assume that if it's improved, it's new. And I assume that if it's new, it's improved. But says who?

Is the reign of the skyscraper over in the Twin Cities?

With demand for office space weak, it's unlikely Minneapolis or St. Paul will see massive additions to their skylines.

Lileks: Is Amazon paranoia real?

Amazon was curious, and with good reason: My wife had never before flown to Jakarta, Indonesia, and attempted to buy an audio book, so was…

Lileks: Get a whiff of this guy

Somewhere in some office sat an executive in charge of brand management, wondering how to get his client into the news of the day. He…

Lileks: The anti-express checkout lane

How about lanes for people who want to chat?

Lileks: What's the 411 on phone books?

They not only printed every phone number in town, but they listed the addresses as well.

Lileks: Have Minnesotans become weather wimps?

Or have we always been afraid to drive in the snow?

Lileks: Door awareness — you can't knock it

When was the last time you thought about your front door? I mean, really thought about it?

Lileks: You'll probably never guess what Minnesota's favorite emoji is

It's not "laughing while crying," even though that's what our faces do when it's really cold.