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Lileks, a Minneapolis resident since 1976: "I've never repeated myself once. I don't like to say I write a 'humor' column, since that's subjective. What might be amusing to me might leave you poker-faced. Let's just say my columns are not intended to be taken seriously." He also writes "Streetscape" pieces, which detail the delights and errors, past and present, of the Twin Cities urban environment. He's the author of four novels, four pop-culture "humor" books on vintage subjects and two collections of columns. "People who like my stuff will probably like, and those who don't are probably grateful for the heads-up, and will avoid it," Lileks says.

Lileks: They're havin' a hot time in North Dakota

Could hot sauce orders really be tops in the nation?

Lileks: Another day, another need for a shot

Monkeypox is on the loose.

Lileks: In dog we trust (especially at the airport)

You think you know what to do, and then the airport changes it up.

Lileks: Traveling can be a real trip

It's the only way to be safe.

Readers help solve Milwaukee Road mystery

Two weeks ago, I asked for help with an answer to this question: When did the top of the Milwaukee Road Depot tower disappear?The…

Lileks: Spring lawn care in 142 easy-to-follow steps

The yearly struggle begins.

Lileks: Sorry about the bad word

Ads on social media may have sunk to a new, potty-mouthed low.

Lileks: 'Mom' or 'Mother,' it means the same: love

Moms have changed in the past few generations. I don't mean the way they act or fuss or worry or care, but the way they…

Lileks: Revenge of the robot nurses

Given the choice between a robot programmed to pretend to be interested in me and an overworked, underpaid human with their own set of problems pretending to be interested in me, what's better?

The mystery of the vanishing top of the Milwaukee Road Depot tower

How long has the cupola been gone? And what happened to it?