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Lileks, a Minneapolis resident since 1976: "I've never repeated myself once. I don't like to say I write a 'humor' column, since that's subjective. What might be amusing to me might leave you poker-faced. Let's just say my columns are not intended to be taken seriously." He also writes "Streetscape" pieces, which detail the delights and errors, past and present, of the Twin Cities urban environment. He's the author of four novels, four pop-culture "humor" books on vintage subjects and two collections of columns. "People who like my stuff will probably like, and those who don't are probably grateful for the heads-up, and will avoid it," Lileks says.

Lileks: An intentional act of meat-candy intermingling

Wisconsin makes a regrettable advance in meat science.

Lileks: Please let Indiana Jones enjoy his retirement

Everything old is new again.

Lileks: Will the Mall of America's new 'failure museum' be a success?

More than 150 exhibits, each an example of a product that cannonballed into the pool and belly-flopped, hard.

Lileks: Mary Tyler Moore was on to something

I don't like this rerun

Lileks: We didn't start the fire — but we tried to

Because the gas was leaking

Lileks: We can see clearly now

Why glasses should be cheap.

Lileks: Recalling our Life lessons

It's all about winners and losers.

Lileks: We forget how bad most TV used to be

Is the fall TV season still a big deal? There are still networks, so there has to be a fall season with exciting new shows.…

Why the Twin Cities should save some ugly buildings from the wrecking ball

Beautiful buildings tend to be the ones that are preserved. Here's why we should save some ugly structures.

Lileks: The squirrels are mutating

The war between man and squirrel has resumed.