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Before joining the Star Tribune, Yuen spent 13 years at MPR News, most recently as editor of a team of reporters who covered race, class, communities and education. She also reported for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader. Laura lives with her husband and two young sons. But if you met her over an icebreaker, she'd probably tell you about the time her car was struck by lightning.

Yuen: The Mall of America's first Asian Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa Allan was recruited by none other than Santa Larry, who in 2016 became the mall's first Black Santa.

Yuen: She wasn't traumatized by her abortion, and that's part of the story, too

Comedian Alison Leiby, known for her writing on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," brings her one-woman show to the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis.

Yuen: Bands celebrate a Minneapolis musician's life that was silenced too early

Saxophonist Pat Mackin died in September, eight years after a drunk driver slammed into him and left him with severe and lasting injuries.

Yuen: What's it like to live with Tourette's syndrome? A Minnesota cop explains on TikTok

With his catchphrase "Happy ticcing!" Craig Elgin has built a community where people can find solidarity or better understand the neurological condition.

Yuen: The story we've been sold about how kids learn to read

Reporter Emily Hanford of American Public Media sets out to answer why many schools still hew to teaching methods based on theories long disproven by cognitive scientists.

Yuen: A dancer who became paralyzed finds balance between hope and acceptance

In her new movie, first-time filmmaker Kelsey Peterson teaches us about the grace of adaptation.

Yuen: In defense of the shacket (and other ubiquitous fashion statements)

Why Minnesotans can't get enough of this impractical piece of fall outerwear.

Yuen: 50 years ago, Title IX forced University of Minnesota to allow women into marching band

Female marching band trailblazers, now in their 60s, 70s and 80s, will be honored on the field at Saturday's halftime show.

Yuen: How early specialization is hurting youth sports

In today's ultracompetitive landscape, starting a new sport at age 10 can feel like it's too late.

Yuen: Why I don't care for reality TV but unapologetically watch 'Love Is Blind'

No matter how dysfunctional our own relationships are, we realize they're not nearly as messed up as they could be.