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Laura Yuen, a Star Tribune features columnist, writes opinion as well as reported pieces exploring parenting, gender, family and relationships, with special attention on women and underrepresented communities. With an eye for the human tales, she looks for the deeper resonance of a story, to humanize it, and make it universal.

Before joining the Star Tribune, Yuen spent 13 years at MPR News, most recently as editor of a team of reporters who covered race, class, communities and education. She also reported for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader. Laura lives with her husband and two young sons. But if you met her over an icebreaker, she'd probably tell you about the time her car was struck by lightning.

Yuen: This herbal chicken soup has been nourishing Hmong moms for centuries

Fans of the traditional dish, including celebrated Minneapolis chef Diane Moua, say it's also good for hangovers or a pick-me-up.

Yuen: Before she became known as Joe Mauer's mom, Teresa Mauer was a standout athlete

She came of age during the infancy of girls' prep sports in Minnesota and later raised three baseball stars of her own, including this year's Baseball Hall of Fame inductee.

Yuen: This Minnesota-based preacher left the church and found God in the woods

The "nones," those who don't claim any religious affiliation, have grown significantly over the past several decades. Why are they disappearing from the pews?

Yuen: The bizarre and relatable case of Minnesota state Sen. Nicole Mitchell

If the grief and trauma over losing her father is what led her to allegedly burglarize her stepmom's home, the legislator should say so.

Yuen: Lynx No. 1 pick Pili finds 'blessing' fueling dreams of Samoan, Indigenous kids

We in Minnesota are about to witness the legions of fans from two under-represented communities who flock to see "Pili Power."

Yuen: Why do people forgive? It's messy, complex and 'the best form of self-interest'

Forgiving may seem syrupy or saintly, but it's much more complicated, says a journalist now touring the Midwest.

Your fridge is a place where fresh food goes to die. That doesn't have to happen.

Can't see the contents of your own fridge? It's not your fault (well, not entirely). Here are some quick hacks to reduce wasted food in your kitchen.

Yuen: Parents, let's make a pact to get our kids off their screens and back to real-life play

I wanted to give my kids a taste of my '80s free-range childhood. Here's how it went.

Yuen: He donated his sperm to friends. Now he wants to be dad to the 5-year-old.

A sperm donor's paternity case could have statewide ramifications for same-sex couples and other families who rely on assisted reproduction.

Yuen: This Minnesota man has written thousands of poems over more than a decade — all to his wife

The daily missives can be silly and flirty or painful and ponderous, reflecting on everything from the couple's dog to the intensity of their love.