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A quick glance at local cocktail menus and liquor store shelves is proof that there's a place at the table for savory drinks. And during brunch season, the Bloody Mary is the granddaddy of them all.

But Eden Prairie-based Mixly Cocktail Co. has a new entry to consider: the Bunny Mary. The maker of handcrafted cocktail mixers debuted its latest flavor offering earlier this year at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

The blend of fresh-squeezed carrot juice, lemon and dill is a playful twist on the classic Bloody Mary. It's slightly sweet, thanks to the carrots and a hint of honey, with bright citrus and savory notes from the lemon and dill. For a brunch cocktail, combine two parts of the cocktail mixer with one part spirit (both vodka and gin work well) or one part soda water for a spirit-free option. Feeling spicy? Add a dash or two of hot sauce. A refreshing addition to your brunch cocktail bar, serve it over ice and garnish with pickles, lemon wedges, pearl onions, olives or baby carrots. A celery-salt rim wouldn't be out of line.

"It's savory yet refreshing," said Johnna Rossbach, Mixly's founder and president. "While it makes a delightful cocktail, it's really a unique mocktail. Most mocktails are fruit-forward, so we're bringing a unique offering to those looking for a nonalcoholic, savory drink."

Mixly, which started making its juice-based mixers in 2020, offers several flavors, from grapefruit jalapeño to strawberry pomegranate. Mixers are sold in many area stores (find a store locator as well as stores across the country. It's also available online. A 16-ounce bottle is $20, and makes about five drinks.