Poll: If Hillary Clinton becomes president, what title will Bill have?

Should Hillary Clinton become the president, Bill Clinton would become the first male White House spouse. This poses a pressing question for Americans: what would we call him?

'What makes you happy?' Malala will respond to kids' questions at Mpls. speech

Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Peace Prize winner's Minneapolis appearance will include queries by three young Minnesotans.

Risqué business: MPR's Kerri Miller hosts sexy new podcast

Kerri Miller's new podcast "SmartSex" is a departure from the news, politics and literature beats she commands on Minnesota Public Radio.

MPR host Kerri Miller branches out to tackle a titillating subject in her new podcast.

'Star Wars' producers admit guilt in Harrison Ford's on-set injury

The producers of "Star Wars" pleaded guilty to two criminal charges on Tuesday in a case surrounding Harrison Ford's on-set injury while filming "The Force Awakens."

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Could the Mississippi River actually begin in South Dakota?

Questioning whether the Mississippi begins in Lake Itasca may be blasphemy – or good geology.

Voyageurs National Park is Minnesota’s gift to America

Voyageurs National Park holds surprising treasures of ancient geology, human history and natural splendor for adventurous vacationers.

Boy George and Culture Club still charm with dance-happy pop-soul at Myth

Culture Club triumphed Sunday in its first local concert since 2000.

Review: Duran Duran turns up the grooves after Chic turned it on early

REVIEW: The '80s hitmakers followed their openers' funky lead Saturday in St. Paul.

Word of the week: Gymbership

Minnesota writer who helped kill Superman brings him back to life

Dan Jurgens wrote and drew one of the biggest moments in the history of comic books back in 1992, "The Death of Superman."

Two sodas a day raises cancer risk, study finds

Here's one more reason to consider cutting back on the soda: drinking too many sugary drinks on a daily basis has been linked to gallbladder cancer.

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ reboot to premiere on Netflix

Joel Hodgson, the creator of the original "Mystery Science Theater 3000," began a Kickstarter campaign to relaunch the show last year.

Capturing a complicated Otello, more brawn than brains

REVIEW: The summer series' finale presents Verdi's opera version of the Shakespeare play.

Summer serial: A young Mpls. teacher is pulled to small town Minnesota

It’s 1949 and Allen Post, fresh out of college, is leaving the Twin Cities for his first teaching job in the small town of Stone Lake, Minnesota. He is about to learn some of the most important lessons of his life.

Hax: Invite alcoholic to a boozy party?

Ask Amy: My partner and I have a baby boy and live together. We are nearly 40

Vikings celebrate Minnesota artists at U.S. Bank Stadium art party

Minnesota artists, Viking's owners, veteran players and fans partied Monday night at U.S. Bank Stadium's unveiling of its 300-piece art collection.

Gail Rosenblum
No 'plus one'? How to handle flying solo at a wedding

Close friend's wedding brings up painful feelings after divorce.

The long and the short of it: Americans are shrinking fast

Being tall has its perks — and it has nothing to do with machismo. Taller people have been found to earn more money, studies show,…