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Zoë Jackson is a race and immigration reporter for the Star Tribune. She previously covered St. Paul neighborhoods and young voters on the politics team, supported by Report for America and the Minneapolis Foundation.

Life Time fitness names legend Andre Agassi to tennis, pickleball role

Like many Americans, the Olympic gold medalist recently fell in love with pickleball.

Wendy's to test dynamic pricing

Fast-food chain has more than 50 locations in Minnesota.

Turkey beloved in Kenny neighborhood of south Minneapolis dies after vehicle strike

Kennethy, aka Gregory Peck and the Bachelor Turkey, "brought us so much joy."

Minneapolis public works employees authorize strike

The vast majority of the 400 Minneapolis employees — 99% — voted in support of the strike.

Undercover boss: St. Paul Public Works chief gets behind the wheel of a snowplow

Becoming certified in snow clearing — the city's most visible work — helps Public Works grow support for its work.

Two measles cases reported in Minnesota

MMR vaccinations in the state have fallen since the pandemic.

Caitlin Clark, the pride of Iowa, is the buzz of social media

Everyone's talking about Caitlin Clark, who will be playing in Minneapolis at the end of the month and again in March.

All the Super Bowl Minnesota connections you missed last night

If you squint really hard, it's like Minnesota kind of made the Super Bowl.

Hundreds of Minnesotans march for missing and murdered Indigenous relatives

Indigenous women and girls disportionately face violence in Minnesota. Supporters and families say "not one more," at march in Minneapolis.

The small-town Minnesota police forces that are no more

Amid tight budgets and requirement problems, 35 departments have folded in recent years.