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Tom Nehil is the Star Tribune’s newsroom developer, using code to help find and tell stories.

Originally from Michigan, Tom spent a decade at the nonprofit news website MinnPost before joining the Star Tribune.

Who's on my Minnesota ballot?

Use your address to find your ballot ahead of Minnesota's Aug. 13 primary election.

We're watching these 4 Minnesota rivers for flooding

Following days of rain, rivers in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota have swelled to near-record high levels.

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More than 1,500 Minnesotans have filed to run for everything from U.S. senator to town supervisor.

With $371.6B in revenue, this giant again tops list of Minnesota public companies

This year, 38 of the top 50 Minnesota-run companies had $1 billion or more in revenue.

Do Minnesota Democrats do better in years when Amy Klobuchar is on the ballot?

Party operatives hope her U.S. Senate run this fall will help down the ballot in the battle to control the U.S. and Minnesota House.

What passed — and didn't — at the 2024 Minnesota Legislature

From cannabis to sports betting, what happened with the major bills at the State Capitol in 2024.

Minnesota's graduation rates dipped. Look up how your school performed.

Graduation rates dipped slightly for Black, Asian, Latino students and students learning English. Look up your school's results.

Introducing the Curious Minnesota Collection. Every question we've answered — now in one place

Our new searchable database is home to more than 260 stories about Minnesota history and culture, all inspired by reader questions.

2024 Minnesota presidential primary live election results

Minnesotans went to the polls on Tuesday — along with voters in 14 other states — to cast primary ballots in the 2024 presidential race.

See how much snow has — or hasn't — fallen this winter in Minnesota

Track this season's snowfall trends and compare to past winters in your city.