It's an election year in Minnesota. Besides the top-of-the-ticket rematch between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Minnesotans will be electing a U.S. senator, representatives to Congress, members of the state House of Representatives, judges and numerous local offices, from county commissions to city councils to school boards.

If there is more than one candidate for an office from the same party, or more than twice the number of candidates as open seats for a nonpartisan election, the candidates will compete in the primary election on Aug. 13.

More than 1,500 candidates who have registered to run for office are listed below. Candidates for U.S. president and offices that do not have a primary are not included; they will be added after the primary. Explore candidates for a specific office or look for candidates in a location like a county or city, or search for candidates by name.

In federal and state legislative races, incumbents are marked with an (i). Data from the Minnesota Secretary of State.