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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer could be vague and evasive when answering questions. Other times, he was blunt and honest.

The coach once called his offensive line "soft." Another time he said Anthony Barr had a "tendency to coast." More recently he offered a short but not-so-sweet evaluation of rookie QB Kellen Mond.

In the aftermath of Zimmer being fired Monday, though, we have yet to hear anything from the former Vikings coach except for a prepared statement. That's not unusual, but it did get me thinking that there are a lot of things I would love to ask Zimmer — particularly if he was in a blunt and honest mood — about his eight years as coach.

They were highlighted on Thursday's Daily Delivery podcast.

But let's dive into the five questions for Zimmer:

1. Does he think Kirk Cousins cost him his job? In a real interview, this would not be the first question because it might end up being the last question. But it's the big one, so let's start there. Many of us have brought up the 2018 Scouting Combine media session — perhaps the peak of blunt and honest Zimmer — where Zimmer lobbied for a QB that allowed the Vikings continued roster flexibility and predicted that the wrong choice at QB would someday get him fired.

Cousins' numbers in four years with the Vikings would suggest he wasn't close to the biggest problem, but his cost — and Zimmer's previous evaluation — would make the answer to this question very interesting.

2. What really happened on the sidelines after the win over Detroit? Again, we find the coach/QB relationship at the forefront of the post-Zimmer intrigue. Were emotions boiling over in a positive or negative way when the two were grabbing and shoving each other?

3. What does he consider his greatest accomplishment? See, we're not all negative. The Zimmer era was filled with successful moments. The Vikings won 15 more games than they lost (including playoffs) while he was here. How he answered this question would be pretty telling about a lot of things.

4. What was his biggest disappointment? OK, we are a little negative. There are a lot of things to choose from here, from Blair Walsh's playoff miss to the collapse in 2016 to coming up a game short in 2017 to a lot of what happened these last two seasons. Again, how he answered this would be telling.

5. What was his biggest regret? For all the good that Zimmer brought, there has been plenty of second-guessing. In the aftermath of Eric Kendricks talking about a "fear-based organization," would Zimmer second-guess his own style?

I'm not sure when — or if — some of these questions might get answered. Maybe these questions will fade away as soon as the Vikings hire a new GM and coach.

But if we ever get an honest Zimmer talking about any of this, particularly No. 1 and No. 2, get out your popcorn.