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Rand is a North Dakota native and a graduate of the University of Minnesota. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two daughters.

RandBall marks NBA's 75th anniversary with list of the best Wolves ever

A list of the top 75 players in Wolves history would be pretty bleak past a certain point. So Michael Rand made a list and cut it off at 25. (Numbers 17 and 18 made it for identical reasons.)

Common theme with all the winning in Minnesota: Good defense

Solid defense doesn't make for great highlights, but the Vikings, Gophers, Wolves, Wild and Loons all have that in common right now.

Four home games. One Saturday. Can Minnesota keep winning?

The Gophers, Wild, Timberwolves and Minnesota United are all home on Saturday. They'll try to keep the good times going.

Cam Talbot: The perfect goalie for a resilient Wild team?

The veteran has had to fight for everything he's achieved in the NHL, a spirit that seems to embody the Wild's collective personality.

Is this the season the Timberwolves finally turn the corner?

Wolves fans ask that question almost every year, and the answer is almost always "no." So why should we think this season is any different? Well ...

Eddie Rosario: A freelance soloist in the team sport of baseball

The former Twins outfielder is still doing Eddie things in the playoffs. He sees something good and takes a chance on making it better, even if it could also turn out to be bad.

Vikings need an identity. They should choose offense over defense

The side of the ball that has delivered when it matters most through six games is the offense, no matter what the overall metrics tell us.

Postseason displaying another obstacle in Twins' path: Money wins

If you are inclined to point out teams that occasionally outperform their payroll and succeed despite that inequity, you are doing it wrong.

Wild, Wolves, Twins viewers stuck between recent past, distant future

If you've kept your streaming services in hopes of seeing the Wolves, Wild and Twins, you should prepare to continue to be frustrated.

Big money to Russian table tennis: RandBall's sports betting journey

After writing about the explosion of sports betting nationwide and the efforts to have it legalized in Minnesota, here is the rest of the story.