Eddie Rosario picked the wrong year -- and wrong era -- to cash in

Are you’re wondering: Isn’t Rosario one of the Twins’ best players? Why would they just let him go? Here are some answers based on how baseball has changed.

As Wolves search for a star, there are many paths -- but no sure thing

Sure, I’m interested to see how all the current parts fit together. But long-term, I’m more intrigued by the pursuit of the highest-level talent.

Amazing college football finish leads to epic gambling moment

A double pass from your own end zone when leading by 36 in the closing seconds? Sure, why not.

Wolves' most important new player next season? It's not who you think

Anthony Edwards is the most important new player in the long run and Ricky Rubio is the most interesting acquisition. For the coming season, though, you need to know about Ed Davis.

49ers star Sherman lauds Vikings rookie Jefferson: 'He's putting on a clinic'

49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, a player who has a good chance to wind up in pro football's Hall of Fame, qualifies as a keen observer of wide receiver talent. He's a big fan of Justin Jefferson.

Fan trying to hurt Vikings by getting defensive end Ngakoue to Pro Bowl

A clause in the trade that brought Yannick Ngakoue to the Vikings could result in the team losing a higher draft choice to Jacksonville. It depends on what happens in Baltimore, where the Vikings traded him. Confused?

For the Wolves, bringing back Ricky Rubio is all about family

When the Wolves couldn't find a third star-quality player for their starting lineup, they opted to work on another priority: Building a team that has tremendous values.

The draft is tonight; what are the final Wolves (and NBA) rumblings?

Wolves chatter has become more scarce in recent days, which is often a sign that something is about to happen. The Jimmy Butler trade a couple years ago, for instance, popped during a period of prolonged silence.

Now we know: Cook's 'swiss chard' line part of a Jimmy Fallon joke

In a joke segment called “Drop it in,” the Tonight Show host asks athletes to work in strange phrases during interviews. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook obliged.

Diggs TD helped Vikings ... until DeAndre Hopkins's play of the year

It was a fantastic catch by Stefon Diggs. It was an unreal catch by Hopkins. And the net result is the Vikings needing a win tonight even more than they did on Sunday.

Iowa coach's pettiness toward Fleck part of college football's charm

The plot of Friday night’s college football game between the Gophers and Iowa was familiar. But the subplot? That was enough to stick around for until the end.

Big Monday night: Game against Bears should define Vikings' season

Here's the question: If we no longer think the Vikings will be worse than mediocre, how do we feel about them being better than mediocre?

Fake spike could be greatest ending to college football game ever

It was an obscure midweek game. But if you turned away because you thought the outcome was decided, that was a major mistake. Take a look.

Bringing Twins minor-league team to St. Paul would be a dream fulfilled

Moving the Class AAA team to St. Paul, and the idea of having most of the Twins' minor-league teams within road-trip range, would be a dramatic and welcome change.

RandBall: Starting NBA season next month is absurd and reckless

The plan to start up after a short off-season is a terrible idea, and we won’t really know how much so until it’s too late. Here's why.

Tank for Trevor? Vikings never really had a chance, anyway

At 3-5, with a surprising win at Green Bay followed by a convincing win over Detroit, the Vikings are moving toward the middle of the draft pack than the top of the order.

Bateman could be highest Gophers draft pick since Carl Eller in 1964

In this year of stops and starts, lows and highs, it can be easy to forget fundamental truths: One of them is that Rashod Bateman is really good at football.

Wolves draft rumblings: Booker, Simmons, Wiseman and more

The Wolves have tremendous leverage with the top overall pick, but it sounds like one of the three presumed contenders to be that pick has no interest in playing here.

A parallel universe in which Kirk Cousins was traded Tuesday

The Vikings didn't make any deals Tuesday. But in retrospect, let's discuss one name that that wasn't brought up: QB Kirk Cousins.

Winfield saved the day for Tampa Bay like he used to for Gophers

In the final minute of Monday's game between the Bucs and New York Giants, Antoine Winfield Jr. made the kind of play that Gophers fans recall fondly.