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A native of New York City, Strickler studied journalism with a minor in theater at the then-College of St. Thomas (now University) in St. Paul. He and his wife have lived in St. Louis Park for 35 years — albeit in four different places over that time — where they raised their two daughters.

World Mystery Convention brings top authors and fans to Minneapolis

Bouchercon will feature Ellen Hart, William Kent Krueger, Alexander McCall Smith and more.

Review: 'Fairy Tale,' by Stephen King

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Ask Amy: Should a will be used to send a message?

Dear Amy: I have two daughters and a son. All are adults. I am divorced from their father and am still single 17 years after…

Ask Amy: Recipient is free to share letter's content

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Montana students were just horsing around

According to the Conrad Public School District in Conrad, Mont., there's an old law on the books that stipulates that a school principal is responsible…

Sound Advice: Swollen battery poses a serious fire risk

Q: I have a 1970s vintage receiver I love, but the radio reception is awful. I don't own a smartphone and use an iPod Touch…

A good man: Exhibits honor 'Peanuts' creator, Minnesota native Schulz on 100th

Museums celebrate the Minnesota-born cartoonist on the centenary of his birth.

News of the Weird: Tape keeps tacos in check

Students at Johns Hopkins University are putting their expensive education to good use. Whiting School of Engineering students have invented Tastee Tape for their school's…