Boy George and Culture Club still charm with dance-happy pop-soul at Myth

Boy George performed with the rest of Culture Club at Myth Nightclub on Sunday. Isaac Hale •

Culture Club triumphed Sunday in its first local concert since 2000.

Dave Eggers sends family on madcap trip in 'Heroes of the Frontier'

FICTION: In Dave Eggers' new novel, a mom and two children flee their Ohio home.

Review: Duran Duran turns up the grooves after Chic turned it on early

From left, John Taylor, Simon Le Bon and Dominic Brown performed with the rest of Duran Duran at the Xcel Energy Center on Saturday night.

REVIEW: The '80s hitmakers followed their openers' funky lead Saturday in St. Paul.

Could the Mississippi River actually begin in South Dakota?

Questioning whether the Mississippi begins in Lake Itasca may be blasphemy – or good geology.

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Voyageurs National Park is Minnesota’s gift to America

Voyageurs National Park holds surprising treasures of ancient geology, human history and natural splendor for adventurous vacationers.

Minnesota writer who helped kill Superman brings him back to life

Dan Jurgens wrote and drew one of the biggest moments in the history of comic books back in 1992, "The Death of Superman."

Drake dazzles in a 'Bling'-blazing set at St. Paul's Xcel Center

Despite a late start, Drake stakes a strong claim to hip-hop's throne.

Top TV picks for July 26: 'MADtv,' 'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All,' 'Born This Way'

Capturing a complicated Otello, more brawn than brains

REVIEW: The summer series' finale presents Verdi's opera version of the Shakespeare play.

Risqué business: MPR's Kerri Miller hosts sexy new podcast

MPR host Kerri Miller branches out to tackle a titillating subject in her new podcast.

Ask Amy: My partner and I have a baby boy and live together. We are nearly 40

Classical this week: Campaign songs, women's music by Vox Nova and Northfield's Vintage Band Fest


Summer serial: A young Mpls. teacher is pulled to small town Minnesota

It’s 1949 and Allen Post, fresh out of college, is leaving the Twin Cities for his first teaching job in the small town of Stone Lake, Minnesota. He is about to learn some of the most important lessons of his life.

Ask Amy: Relationship falters through mutual bad behavior

Hax: Feeling lonely amid Dad's new life

Two sodas a day raises cancer risk, study finds

Here's one more reason to consider cutting back on the soda: drinking too many sugary drinks on a daily basis has been linked to gallbladder cancer.

Gail Rosenblum
No 'plus one'? How to handle flying solo at a wedding

Close friend's wedding brings up painful feelings after divorce.

Table Talk
Trattoria Tosca in Linden Hills closes after 10 years

Owner Harvey McLain has pulled the plug on the Italian restaurant.

No 'plus one'? How to handle flying solo at a wedding

Close friend's wedding brings up painful feelings after divorce.

Review: 'Love and Ruin: Writing From the Atavist,' edited by Evan Ratliff

NONFICTION: Ten long-form "tales of obsession, danger and heartbreak," originally published online, are repackaged as a book.

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ reboot to premiere on Netflix

Joel Hodgson, the creator of the original "Mystery Science Theater 3000," began a Kickstarter campaign to relaunch the show last year.

Hax: Mother and daughter could both use Al-Anon

Dear Carolyn: My adult brother is in rehab for the second time in two years. My mother is understandably upset and wants to talk about…

The end of the VCR? WHO. CARES. But maybe you should

News from Japan: The last company to make VCRs is shutting down production. If you know what a VCR is, you don't care, but if…

The Monday Briefing: This party will be the bees' knees

PICK OF THE WEEK: It's time to get down to bees-ness at the Pollinator Party, a gathering to pay homage to all things…

TV picks for July 25: 'Santa Claus: The Movie,' 'Rizzoli & Isles,' 'Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen'

Christmas in JulyLast week, I bemoaned the fact that TV seems to be getting in the holiday spirit way too early. Now comes an airing…

Review: 'Swallowed by the Cold,' by Jensen Beach

FICTION: Stories reflect a world of detached folks who ache for empathy in contemporary Sweden.

Review: 'Home Field,' by Hannah Gersen

FICTION: In a Clinton-era small town, a football coach and his three children struggle to go on in this tender debut.

Rosenblum: How all of us (even Playboy Playmates) can stop 'fat shaming'

To single out Dani Mathers for "fat shaming" is absurd.

C.J.: Sister Rosalind has one of the most gripping handshakes in the metro

The nun and famous masseuse has been massaging fans at St. Paul Saints games "since 1993, year one."

Why Lake Itasca may not be the headwaters of the Mississippi River

  ARE THE HEADWATERS OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER IN SOUTH DAKOTA? By Wendell A. Duffield November 2012   A “no” answer to the question posed…

The dangers of weight stigma

The common wisdom is that “helpful comments” (aka body shaming) might motivate people to lose weight. But the University of Minnesota’s Katie Loth has done…

Best of the week: New Edition, Malala Yousafzai, Twenty One Pilots, 'Glensheen,' more

That ’80s R&B show Did the governor or someone officially declare this ’80s Weekend in the Twin Cities? Duran Duran rocked St. Paul on Saturday.…

Sensory-friendly production of 'Lion King' tempers the roar

Low-sensory show, where effects such as strobe lights and shattering sounds will be modulated, caters to an autistic audience.

Review: Guthrie's 'Disgraced' is a shattering, revelatory production

Guthrie's timely show about Islamophobia, personal ambition and American ideals offers a lot to chew on.

Minnesota dads, daughters bond on 'magical' yearly Lake Superior sailing trips

For 25 years, a group of fathers and daughters have sailed the Apostle Islands, and bonded in the process.

More workplace problems at Fox News surface

Workplace problems were broader than Roger Ailes.

Singer Jevetta Steele's new kitchen is a family gathering spot

Singer Jevetta Steele finally has the family gathering spot she's always wanted, thanks to a home-makeover TV show.

Twin Cities gardeners, get ready for tours galore

Garden tours galoreNovice and expert growers can gather ideas on design, plant picks, koi care, pond installation and landscaping at a garden variety of tours…