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While there have certainly been "the sky is falling" moments of panic on the parts of Twins fans this season when the team had a lousy handful of games, this Twins season — at least measured one way — has been remarkably consistently average from start to finish.

That was the takeaway from an interesting graphic flashed on the screen during Tuesday night's game. In every 10 game stretch this season — starting with Games 1-10, then 11-20, etc. — the Twins have never been worse than 4-6 or better than 6-4.

For the nine completed 10-game chunks (as shown on FSN's graphic and double-checked), the Twins have gone:

Games 1-10: 6-4
Games 11-20: 4-6
Games 21-30: 6-4
Games 31-40: 6-4
Games 41-50: 5-5
Games 51-60: 5-5
Games 61-70: 4-6
Games 71-80: 5-5
Games 81-90: 5-5

If the Twins can hold off the Yankees this afternoon, they'll be 2-2 in the first four games of the next set of 10.

The Twins have also never had more than a four-game winning streak (four times, including the first four games of the season) or a four-game losing streak (three times, most recently in mid-June).