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Halle Berry goes one-for-two in the busy melodrama, which she stars in and directed. Her performance as cage fighter Jackie Justice gives the Oscar winner her meatiest and muscle-iest role since "Monster's Ball," taking full advantage of her wounded, soulful intensity. As a director, though, she's too in love with in-your-nose close-ups and she can't corral multiple story lines, which include a romance, addiction issues, a child previously abandoned, mother/daughter fireworks and a "Rocky"-style comeback bid. Netflix

Cheech Marin as Joe Dominguez, Don Johnson as Nash Bridges
Cheech Marin as Joe Dominguez, Don Johnson as Nash Bridges

David Moir/USA Network

'Nash Bridges'
Don Johnson is reviving a beloved TV character — just not the one you'd expect. The aging Lothario is no longer nimble enough to handle Sonny Crockett's Miami beat. But he's got more than enough charm to revive his kinder, gentler version of Dirty Harry who first quipped and shot his way to justice from 1996 to 2001 on CBS. Cheech Marin returns, as well, to provide added comic relief. In this two-hour movie, Bridges chases after a rich brat who bears more than a passing resemblance to Jeffrey Epstein. Despite some gruesome crimes, this is a lot of silly fun. 8 p.m. Saturday, USA

“F Is for Family” on Netflix.
“F Is for Family” on Netflix.


'F Is for Family'
Archie Bunker never had many pals, but I could see him bellying up to the bar with Frank Murphy (Bill Burr), a prototype 1970s hothead who uses more colorful epithets than "dingbat." In this fifth and final season, the character tries to make peace with his dead father and coax an Evel Knievel-like showman to save his airline. Some of the "B" stories get a little too outrageous but everyone from any decade will be able to relate to Murphy's hilarious temper tantrums. Thursday on Netflix

'One Last Time'
If you saw the recent profile of Tony Bennett on "60 Minutes," you know the 95-year-old singer is struggling with Alzheimer's disease. You also know that the symptoms seem to vanish when he gets on stage. Now you can enjoy more evidence of this musical miracle in a full presentation of the Radio City Music Hall concert he taped in August with Lady Gaga. The two buddies have wildly different approaches — Gaga thrusts her hips more times than Bennett blinks — but both clearly have a great appreciation for jazz and each other. 7 p.m. Sunday, WCCO, Ch. 4

'Two Yellow Lines'
Minnesota native Jake Olson co-produced this father/daughter drama, financed by maxing out his and others' credit cards. That's an old story, as is "Two Yellow Lines" (an estranged father and daughter grow closer while forced to take a trip together) but the stunning Montana vistas are worth checking out and the performances are excellent. Amazon Prime, Apple TV, On-demand.