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Theater critic Chris Hewitt previously worked at the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, where he covered movies and then theater. Also, he occasionally gets to write book reviews.

Armed with a degree in the lucrative field of history, Chris has written for publications that vary from a small-town newspaper to a city magazine to national sites. He's probably reading a good book right this minute.

'The White Tiger' is a corrosive satire of the Indian caste system

The White Tiger⋆⋆⋆ out of four starsRating: R.Where: Lagoon Cinema."White people are on the way out," asserts Balram, the hero (sort of) and title character…

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Sundance Film Festival goes virtual – and comes to Minneapolis

Want to see "Wild Indian" and some of the other movies at the Sundance Film Festival (Jan. 28-Feb. 3)? This year, you don't have to…

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Jittery comedy 'Promising Young Woman' has serious issues on its mind

Emerald Fennell's satire is a shocking drama one moment and a riotous comedy the next.

You'll never guess what happens in the Hilary Swank thriller 'Fatale,' except you totally will

I guess we've arrived at the point where even movie titles are dogwhistles?The goofy "Fatale," starring Hilary Swank in the title role, very much wants…

Take a deep dive into 7 of the best films from Black filmmakers

They haven't gotten many chances, but Black filmmakers have created a lot of excellence.

In Regina King's 'One Night in Miami,' performances are better than the script

Regina King's drama works best when the actors don't speak.