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Anyone who watched the Wild game last night saw a fairly gruesome sight in the second period: defenseman Clayton Stoner's left ring finger was pointing in a direction you don't want to see fingers pointed

We've posted here the screen grab from FSN's broadcast to prove the point. Sorry if you are squeamish, but the larger question is this:

Is Stoner crazy or just a hockey player? That question arises from the fact that he not only went out and played in the third period, he also was ready to fight again after dislocating that finger during a second period fight.

Our vote is for hockey AND crazy. Per Russo's blog:

Clayton Stoner’s injury was, as Yeo said, “gruesome” looking. While either grabbing the jersey of Luke Gazdic in a fight or having his finger punched by Gazdic as he reached (Stoner didn’t know), Stoner’s left ring finger dislocated. ... I would have been lost for weeks. Stoner returned in the third after doctors got the finger back in place and he told them to tape his ring finger to his middle finger for support.

“Probably looked worse than it felt,” said Stoner. “I’ve had problems with this finger for three weeks, so I think the tendons are weak and it came out easier than it should of.”

Oh, OK.

Would you have played? We've had a dislocated thumb before, but it also happened on a play in baseball in which the thumb was broken in two places, so that pain overrode the dislocation. Is it really not as bad as it looks?