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Vikings lose game, Cassel in New Orleans as Bridgewater debuts

Quarterback Matt Cassel broke his left foot Sunday, leading to the NFL debut for Teddy Bridgewater for a Vikings team that has not scored a touchdown in seven quarters.

Checkpoints around White House may be coming

The U.S. Secret Service is having preliminary discussions about setting up security screening checkpoints near public areas around the White House, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press Sunday.

Dayton campaign's first TV ad, with hockey theme, debuts

The re-election campaign of Gov. Mark Dayton unveiled its first television ad, a hockey-themed piece called "Darn Good Coach" that talks up the governor's first-term record.

An Open Letter to Katherine Kersten

There are real issues in reforming the Metropolitian Council. However, the mud-slinging, or more politely, the constructive-less criticism, harms healthy debate.

Just About Perfect - Hints of Late August into Next Week

Sunday was a little easier to take: cooler, some patchy morning clouds, but less drama (thunder and damaging wind gusts). If you liked yesterday you're in luck for much …

Rosenblum: It's never too soon to consider our own legacy

You enter a solemn space where a eulogy is about to be delivered. Turns out that eulogy is for you. What do you hope is said? It’s a daunting question, one …

Scoggins: Gophers offense can't run from the pass forever

A ground-only attack worked Saturday, but that isn’t a recipe for success in the Big Ten.

Souhan: Vikings need a crisis manager

This might shock those who have watched the team’s decisionmakers walk face-first into the walls of a maze of their own construction this week, but it is nevertheless true: The …

2014 Night to Honor Israel

It was a night of extraordinary interfaith partnership.

The Community is Speaking, but Chief Harteau is Not Listening

The Mpls chief's absence from a community listening session is unacceptable in light of growing concerns about police misconduct and abuse.

Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub Celebrates Two Years

The brewpub that offered investors free beer for life is turning two years old.