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Leadership shake-up at Jeff Johnson campaign

Jeff Johnson, the Republican candidate for governor, has hired a former top aide to Tim Pawlenty as his new campaign manager.

When it comes to baby names, Harper is the new Jennifer

Why is the girl's name Harper suddenly among Minnesota's top 10 baby names? Blame the online world. It's difficult for parents to pick uncommon names for their babies in the Internet Age.

A construction and manufacturing job boomlet in Minnesota

Almost 40 percent of the jobs added since August a year ago have been in construction and manufacturing, industries that pay what most people consider a middle-class wage.

Is Wisconsin the Dairy State?

Trivia from a couple USDA reports released Thursday and Friday

Johnson continues to focus campaign on MNsure

Republican candidate for governor Jeff Johnson is continuing to hammer on his opponent, Gov. Mark Dayton, over the implementation of MNsure.

Theater: 'Sexy Laundry' is light and fun

REVIEW: “Sexy Laundry” rinses the boredom out of a tired relationship, and has a good time along the way.

Souhan: Hired to be a front man, NFL's Goodell chooses to hide

Roger Goodell has gone into seclusion when the NFL needs him most.

Anderson: We're better off participating, as those we watch on TV remind us

Society these days settles for spectating. The outdoors offers options.

2014 Night to Honor Israel

It was a night of extraordinary interfaith partnership.

The Community is Speaking, but Chief Harteau is Not Listening

The Mpls chief's absence from a community listening session is unacceptable in light of growing concerns about police misconduct and abuse.

Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub Celebrates Two Years

The brewpub that offered investors free beer for life is turning two years old.