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One option to trim Southwest LRT cost is off the table

Facing a list of possible cuts to trim the $2 billion price tag, the officials informally took one of those options off the table because it wouldn't save enough …

Impressive Puckett lake home on market for $1.25 million


I’m never quite sure whether items about the homes of famous athletes being on the market qualify as “news” or at least “curiosity,” but this item caught my eye …

Twins Insider
Milone starts Thursday; Arcia optioned to Rochester

Tommy Milone will start Thursday’s game against the Red Sox, helping ease the pitching shortage caused by today’s doubleheader.

Did Johan Santana's no-hitter in 2012 lead to his downfall?

The seduction of “what-if” questions are inherent in their mystery. Take any outcome that is known, turn it on its side by wondering “what if” something else happened instead, …

Carbon dioxide level currently averaging over 400 ppm

Measurements from Mt. Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Jim Souhan
Souhan: News conference stops an avalanche of blunders by Peterson

With coach’s help, his return showed signs of changes.

Dennis Anderson
Anderson: Ethanol, marine motors don't mix

Moist operating environment can alter ethanol blend and render engines inoperable.

Jon Tevlin
No martinis here: An alligator lunch with Minneapolis Council Member Jacob Frey

On a warm, sunny afternoon, Minneapolis City Council Member Jacob Frey nibbled on alligator sausage at New Bohemia Wurst & BierHaus as he talked about the stunning amount of …

The Home Inspector
Home Inspector: New radon rules for buildings in Minnesota

More updates to the new Minnesota State Building Code that was updated in January of this year. These are the first major updates to our code since 2007, so …

Minnesota on Tap
On Tap: Surly Brewer’s Table now open

We all know that food and beer pair well together, but Surly plans to change the way we think of that marriage.

Michael Brodkorb
Brodkorb: Thompson tried to slow fast spending by Minnesota Senate

State Senator Dave Thompson tried to slow the fast spending by the Minnesota Senate on the last night of session.