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Scoggins was born in Missouri but moved to Tennessee when he was only a few months old and lived there until he was 20. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a journalism degree. He worked at newspapers in Texas, Connecticut, North Carolina and Chicago before joining the Star Tribune in 2000.

Eight Minnesota women on what's next in the fight for gender equality in sports

Title IX's 50th anniversary is an opportunity to challenge current thinking and continue the fight for fairness in sports.

Scoggins: 'Father of Title IX' changed sports with one magic word: Activity

Birch Bayh wrote the 37 words that make up Title IX. His widow, Katherine Bayh, reflects on his life and legacy.

Scoggins: Sports psychologist sees progress in mental health awareness but more needed

Rick Aberman, an early champion for helping struggling athletes, is still combating the stigma. "We're still not hitting the mark," he said.

Scoggins: Madcap Moss? Ex-U football player wrestling tonight at Target Center

Mike Rallis left the U with degrees in marketing and management. But he needed to learn a new set of skills, including how to use a steel chair, to make a smash as a professional wrestler.

Scoggins: Fastest man in NCAA track? Meet Joseph Fahnbulleh of Hopkins

Fahnbulleh established his dreams at Hopkins High School and has been fulfilling them at the University of Florida, where the program is the gold standard in college track.

One year of football, dozens of offers for prospect from Woodbury

Jackson Carver had no time for football until his senior year of high school. Now he has Division I offers from more than 30 schools, including some of the nation's most elite programs.

Scoggins: Lewis' injury means Twins should pay up to keep Correa

Carlos Correa is a superstar who seems to be enjoying his time with the Twins. The Pohlads should sign him to a multiyear contract, however much money it takes.

Scoggins: The Marion Barber III you didn't see was as special as the player

Barber's teammates loved him because he was one of the guys, always cheerful, always laughing. He had little interest in being treated as someone special despite being a star.

The pioneering women who started equality fight in Minnesota sports

For the 50th anniversary of Title IX, Minnesotans at the forefront recall the early battles for gender equality in athletics that have changed the face of the world.

Scoggins: 1 ball, 1 day, 2 golfers, 2 aces — a wacky hole-in-one tale for Minnesota golf lore

On a gorgeous Thursday at the Minneapolis Golf Club, the luckiest ball in golf history landed in the cup after one shot — twice.