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Chip Scoggins is a sports columnist and enterprise writer for the Star Tribune. He previously covered the Vikings, Gophers football, Wild, Wolves and high school sports in nearly 19 years at the paper.

Scoggins was born in Missouri but moved to Tennessee when he was only a few months old and lived there until he was 20. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a journalism degree. He worked at newspapers in Texas, Connecticut, North Carolina and Chicago before joining the Star Tribune in 2000.

Scoggins: Zimmer takes stick of dynamite to defense after dreadful 2020

Adding 11 defensive free agents gave coach Mike Zimmer everything he wanted to reconstruct the Vikings defense, including the return of Danielle Hunter.

Scoggins: 'Super exposed.' Garver shares the pain of a catcher's life

Catchers accept a certain degree of occupational hazard. Foul tips are going to sting body parts. Mitch Garver knows both the risks and the rewards.

Scoggins: Yankees' Cole uses his best stuff, sticks it to accuser Donaldson

Gerrit Cole on the mound, Josh Donaldson in the batter's box and a week's worth of headlines about sticky substances and spin rates ended in a mismatch.

Scoggins: Minnesota's 2021 seniors reach finish line in a class all their own

High school seniors in the class of 2021 hold a special place, with a pandemic testing them in ways we can't fully comprehend.

Scoggins: Unending recruiting battles ahead as we enter transfer portal era

Fail to lure top recruits out of high school? Be patient, coach. You might woo them on the second or third time around as the traditional recruiting model has suddenly become obsolete.

Scoggins: Next Wolves owners may seek new arena or move

Will the Wolves new owners really want to spend winters living here and view this opportunity as a chance to establish deeply connected civic roots? That likely hinges on the arena situation.

Scoggins: Big-boy hockey by Wild gives team momentum for Game 7

If you ever want to see what a team that doesn't want its season to end looks like, just watch a replay of the Wild's 3-0 win over the Golden Knights.

Scoggins: If the Twins become sellers, where do they start?

It's hard to know who are the Twins' core players to keep for the future.

Scoggins: An ode to Kirill Kaprizov, from his Russian countrymen

A group of fans who share the Wild rookie's homeland pay tribute on social media and in gatherings.

Scoggins: Goalies put on master class with Talbot as the grandmaster

One goaltender was spectacular. The other was perfect. Game 1 was a master class of puck-stopping with Cam Talbot doing what the Wild were hoping for when he was signed as a free agent.