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White wine

Sauvignon blanc from Le Hameau

"Try a dry, crisp sauvignon blanc," said Patrick Dennison, a wine specialist at North Loop Wine & Spirits (218 Washington Av. N., Mpls., "This is fresh, and it will cut through the fat in the cream. And it's a great price." (About $11.)

Red wine Beaujolais from Jean-Marc Burgaud

"Any Beaujolais will work just fine," said Dustin Harkins, wine buyer at France 44 (4351 France Av. S., Mpls., "I like this one because it has beautiful, intense, plummy fruit, and it's a high-acid/low-tannin wine. It's a cozy wine to sip on, as well." (About $18.)

Beer Saison from Minnetonka's Boom Island Brewing Co.

"You'll need a lot of effervescence to cut through all of the cream in the hot dish," said Joey Crane, beer buyer at the Ale Jail (1787 St. Clair Av., St. Paul, "This saison has nice peppery, fruity components." (About $10 for a four-pack.)