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The Gophers football team stumbled to the finish line last season, ending the regular season with a 5-7 record after being in Big Ten West contention for much of the year.

But get a load of this: If Minnesota merely replicates that 5-7 record in 2024, it would be enough to help a Gophers fan cash an optimistic bet.

An online site has set the Gophers' over-under win total for next season at 4.5. If you were to wager where such a thing is legal, and you were to bet the "over," Minnesota would only need to nab five victories for you to win.

That over-under total is tied for the lowest in the Big Ten with Purdue, and it reflects the reality of how the Gophers finished the year as well as a daunting schedule in 2024 -- all of which I talked about on Friday's Daily Delivery podcast.

It's only February, of course. And perhaps the Gophers will truly overperform compared to external expectations. But let's just say that nobody but a gambler would be happy with another 5-7 season.

Here are some more numbers of interest:

*The Gophers men's basketball team had a chance at an upset after taking an eight-point lead into halftime against Purdue. Minnesota ultimately fell 84-76, but it did keep one impressive streak alive:

Per Gopher Hole, the Gophers are 21-3 against the spread this season -- the best in college basketball in at least one area.

*If you're tired of the Vikings being stuck in the mediocre middle, I have some bad news for you. The odds suggest they will be right back in that spot in 2024.

Future odds have the Vikings at 40 to 1 to win next year's Super Bowl. There are 15 teams with shorter odds and 15 with longer odds. One other is 40 to 1 -- the NFC North rival Bears.

Those numbers could shift a decent amount after free agency and the draft, but it's hard to imagine Minnesota being a true Super Bowl contender in 2024 -- probably the main argument for starting over at quarterback this offseason.

*No respect: The Wolves have the best record in the Western Conference (39-16) at the All-Star break, but they are just a 25 to 1 favorite to win an NBA title. Two other teams battling for the top seed in the West (the Clippers and Nuggets) are both closer to 5 to 1.

*FanGraphs gives the Twins a better than 50% chance to win the AL Central again, with a 63.5% chance of making the playoffs either as a division winner or wild card.