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The intersection of value and need is a seemingly delightful thing in many aspects of life.

Your toaster stops working, but there happens to be a huge sale on toasters. Great! Just make sure to read the reviews and ensure it really is a good deal.

Applying this notion to the NFL Draft has similar principles with larger consequences. Teams that find themselves with holes at certain positions are often delighted when April rolls around and the draft is strong at that position.

Again, though: They have to do their homework and make sure it's really a good value and not just a perceived one that fills a need.

With that as a backdrop, Ben Goessling and I discussed the upcoming draft on the most recent Access Vikings podcast. The Vikings have the No. 12 pick. They have a definite need for a talent and youth upgrade at cornerback.

And the draft has as many as three corners deemed worthy of being chosen that high: Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner, Derek Stingley Jr. and Trent McDuffie.

Gardner figures to be long gone by the time the Vikings choose. After that, it gets interesting.

Stingley shows up in a lot of mock drafts as the Vikings' pick at No. 12 — including that of ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr., who talked about the Vikings' first round options on a conference call with reporters this week.

Kiper said he envisions the Vikings perhaps targeting defensive line and tight end in the second and third rounds. But the first?

"It just screams 'corner'," Kiper said. "You look at Sauce Gardner being gone. Derek Stingley Jr. if he's there, and knowing we've all targeted Minnesota with Stingley will someone trade up to get Stingley?"

Stingley comes with some risk. He had an exceptional freshman season at LSU in 2019, but he dealt with injuries and didn't have any interceptions in 2020 or 2021. That said, he has a ton of upside as a lockdown corner.

If Stingley gets taken before the Vikings choose? Kiper said the Vikings could confidently take McDuffie, who he has at No. 14 in his mock draft.

"Trent McDuffie is worthy of being the 12th pick. He had a great career at Washington," Kiper said. "McDuffie tackles extremely well and he can play anywhere in the secondary."

It really does seem like the intersection of value and need for the Vikings. Just beware that it felt that way in 2016 when they picked wide receiver Laquon Treadwell.

If the toaster you thought was a bargain turns out to be a dud, you might need to buy another one.