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For those who have binged all of "The Mandalorian" and are looking for new ways to pass the time, here are some games that will tide you over this bleak winter.

Bite-size gaming: The goal and mechanics of "What the Golf?" are simple. On a touch-screen device, players try to get an object in the hole by pressing their finger to the screen, pulling it back and letting go in an almost slingshot motion. Players hit multiple balls at once, encountering bizarre rules and challenging obstacles. The game riffs off the rules of golf to create an experience that's fun and challenging. Levels take 5 minutes to finish at the most. Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade and PC

A never-ending story: With an anime-inspired character design and a large roster of characters, "Genshin Impact" is an open-world role-playing game that's easy to get into and compelling enough to hold fans' attention. The goal is to find a lost sibling after being separated in battle. Players run across a plethora of allies — each with their own fighting style — as they explore the world of Teyvat. This is a game that will grow over time, but can be played in shorter spurts. PlayStation 4, PC, Android and iOS

Games for the long haul: If you really want to get lost in a video game world, look no further than "Assassin's Creed Mythology Pack" or the "Yakuza" series. The three "Assassin's Creed" adventures here are huge time sinks, with each easily taking more than 50 hours. For those who want to stay busy until the vaccine is out for everyone, the "Yakuza" series offers eight games with a similar time commitment and stories that feel like a telenovela, with odd twists and turns. Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

A medium-size adventure: While "Cyberpunk 2077" has issues on consoles, those who pick it up on a high-end PC or through Google Stadia are in for a treat. The game leverages its deep sci-fi lore and flexible gameplay to create an engrossing experience. Players customize their version of the protagonist V. and take the hero through a conspiracy-rich campaign in and around Night City. The game runs about 50 hours if you want to really dig deep. Also playable on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5