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Target has brought the "Target Lady" back with her bowl cut, red vest and overexuberant approach to customer service and all things "Tergit" to help get out the word out about Target Circle Week and changes to the retailer's loyalty program.

It's the first time the Minneapolis-based retailer has tapped Kristen Wiig's quirky character from "Saturday Night Live" for an ad campaign. It is a nostalgic reference for many, since Wiig first played the Target Lady nearly two decades ago.

The national ad campaign featuring Wiig — who is hosting SNL this week — includes 12 spots that will run across multiple platforms including TV, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and more.

"Like so many, we're big fans of Kristen Wiig and her iconic Target Lady character from 'Saturday Night Live,'" Lisa Roath, Target's chief marketing officer, said in a statement. "So as we prepare to introduce the new Target Circle and thousands of new deals during Target Circle Week, it's only fitting that we partnered with Kristen to create some memorable new laughs courtesy of the one and only Target Lady."

Target worked with Wiig as well as former SNL writer James Anderson and director Tom Kuntz on the ads.

"Target Lady is incredibly special to me because it's one of the characters I created at the Groundlings and ended up on SNL," Wiig said in a statement, referencing a sketch comedy group she was part of in Los Angeles. "It was so fun to bring her back after all this time, and we had so much fun imagining the world Target Lady sees inside the store today."

One of the first spots also makes a nod to Target's hometown and its musical legend, Prince, by using a portion of his song "Baby I'm a Star" in it.

Some of the initial ads promote Target Circle Week with its deals and promotions next week. The sales event coincides with the launch on Sunday of Target's revamped three-tiered loyalty program under the Target Circle umbrella, which other ads in the campaign will focus on.

The changes to the program include automatically applying deals and promotions at checkout so customers no longer have to search for and add individual offers in the free-to-join Target Circle program.

Starting Sunday, the Target Redcard also will be rebranded Target Circle Card. It will continue to offer 5% off purchases and free two-day shipping on many items. Current cardholders will receive their new cards when they're up for renewal.

And finally, Target is combining its paid Shipt membership for free same-day delivery with its Target Circle program in what will be called Target Circle 360. It will be available at the promotional rate of $49 a year through May 18 and then will go up to $99 after that. But holders of a Target Circle Card will be able to continue to get the $49 rate.