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Future of Bremer Bank at stake in trial that starts this week

The presiding judge says that making a decision may mean weighing in on a bigger question: whether Bremer Financial can be sold by the trust.

Wages are going up in Minnesota, and employers are hiring more teens amid a tight labor market

Wages of restaurants and bars workers have been above $16 an hour for the last four months

As Minnesota's economic recovery zig-zags, Walz taps a council to drive growth

Minnesota's governor asked some state officials, business executives and non-profit leaders to form a Council on Economic Expansion.

What Biden's vaccine mandate means for Minnesota businesses

Sweeping new federal regulations will require employers with more than 100 workers to require immunizations or weekly testing.

Minnesota exports rebounded above pre-pandemic levels this spring

Exports were well above the depressed levels of spring 2020, but they even surpassed the 2019 second quarter by a solid amount.

Unemployment benefits expire this weekend for about 100,000 Minnesotans

The question now is how many of these workers who are losing benefits will be willing and able to find jobs as the delta variant fuels a surge in COVID-19 cases.

For Minnesota businesses, higher costs are 'coming everywhere'

Inflation is causing disruptions to workflow, threats to profits and tough decisions about passing rising costs on to customers.

A Black-owned bank from Detroit is coming to Twin Cities, after invite from region's bank giants

Some of the Twin Cities' largest banks encouraged First Independence to come here to help address the region's big racial wealth gap.

Minnesota added 14,500 jobs in July, biggest gain since March

The state has regained about 64% of jobs it lost at the start of the pandemic last year.

Minnesota State Fair and its vendors scramble to find workers

Less than two weeks before the fair opens, the businesses inside it and the fair itself need hundreds more workers.