Kavita Kumar is the community engagement director for the Opinion section of the Star Tribune. She was previously a reporter on the business desk.

Thoughts from the Star Tribune's new community engagement director

We aim to invite more people to be part of the conversation.

Why you should donate clothing: It (probably) won't end up at the dump

Fast fashion is tough on the climate, but clothes can have second and third lives.

Target's latest ads feature Kristen Wiig's SNL 'Target Lady' and Prince's music

The ads are to promote Target Circle Week and changes to the retailer's loyalty programs.

Mall of America sues Sugar Factory for more than $2M in unpaid rent

It's one of several tenants the Mall of America has sued in recent years for not paying rent.

The inflation rate might be steadying, but the value of Minnesota exports are down

Mexico, Ireland and Australia saw some of the biggest gains in state exports

Snow could turn to rain overnight, melting some of what might still be year's biggest snowfall

In some cases, the rain may melt all of the snow that falls in southern Minnesota.

Target's employee count is down 25,000 from a year ago

Comparable sales have been down over the past few quarters, but more stores are now open; salaried employees will receive 100% of their bonuses this year.

As Minnesota's job growth slows, state officials look at the long game

Minnesota only added 100 jobs in February after blockbuster growth in January, but the unemployment rate held steady at 2.7%.

Target is making a major change to its self-checkout lanes

A pilot led to the change going into effect Sunday at nearly 2,000 stores.

Target cuts dozens of jobs in marketing

The reductions come as the Minneapolis-based retailer is refocusing its marketing efforts.