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Kavita Kumar writes about the economy, technology, and financial services for the Star Tribune. She previously covered retail, including Target, Best Buy, and Mall of America. She was a Knight-Bagehot fellow in economics and business journalism at Columbia University from 2018-2019 and has also worked at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Amusement operators sue Walz over curfew, other restrictions on bars

The lawsuit notes that other establishments, such as retail stores, aren't subject to the same constraints.

Peter Leach, potter and founder of Northern Clay Center, dies at 87

Peter Leach didn't want his creations hung up on somebody's wall or sitting idle in a bookcase. They were functional and meant to be used."These…

Hospitality workers on edge, wondering if jobs will come back

For much of the last year, Claudia Sandoval worried she might lose her house.In the early days of the pandemic, when travel and group events…

U.S. Bancorp rolls out a plan to fight racial wealth gap

Much of the latest initiative at U.S. Bank is specifically aimed at Black customers and employees.

For Kashkari, diversity of views and voices deepens reliability of Fed's decisions

Minneapolis Fed chief begins new stint with an expansive view of how information on the economy should be gathered.

Jack Grundhofer, the banker who built U.S. Bancorp in the 1990s, has died

Grundhofer engineered dozens of deals but is also remembered in the Twin Cities as the victim of a kidnapping that was never solved.

Minnesota lost nearly 50,000 jobs in December, the second straight month of job losses

The data revealed the toll of government-ordered closure of restaurants and other businesses to fight COVID-19.

U.S. Bancorp waits to free up reserves amid continued uncertainty

Many of the nation's largest banks have begun releasing money they put aside last year as recession hit. But U.S. Bank execs say they'll take a bit more time.

Minneapolis-based venture-capital firm for founders of color aims to raise $50 million

Brown Venture Group is the first in Minn. to focus on Black, Latino and Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Kashkari on track for another five years as leader of Minneapolis Fed

Kashkari's reappointment is expected to be formalized soon, and North Dakota's governor congratulated him at an event Wednesday.