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Twin Cities Pride celebrates 50 years but with concern about future

Crowd gathers in Loring Park in Minneapolis to celebrate progress but also sees plenty still to address.

Minnesota has the nation's second-lowest jobless rate. Is that good?

For workers, the low unemployment rate should provide leverage. For the broader economy, new costs set in.

Mpls. Fed's Kashkari supports one more 75-point rate hike, then smaller ones

The central bank needs to be "prudent" after one more big hike next month, he said.

Minnesota's job growth slowed in May; jobless rate hits record low of 2%

The state last month added the fewest jobs since January.

Inflation in Twin Cities soared 8.7% since a year ago, a step faster than in the U.S. overall

Food prices rose more quickly in the metro region, but gas prices have soared more across the country.

Job vacancies in Minnesota outnumber jobless workers more than 2 to 1

Though the data is for the end of 2021, it reinforces the picture of a very tight labor market in the state.

Minnesota exports rose 13% in first months of the year

The state's export rate grew more slowly than the nation's in the first quarter.

Funding to rebuild riot-damaged Twin Cities businesses is at turning point

Insurance claims are largely payed out, while money from the state is just starting to flow to businesses.

Minnesota's jobless rate hits record low 2.2%, and people doing the hiring feel the pinch

The picture isn't entirely sunny: The state has still recovered just 79% of the jobs lost at the start of the pandemic.

Target, other retailers say consumer spending is fine, but investors see a turning point at hand

Retail stocks plunged as investors looked beyond recent data that shows consumers are defying inflation.