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In a back-and-forth, thrilling high-scoring game Sunday in the AFC divisional round, Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs had only three catches for a measly seven yards.

Teammate Gabriel Davis was primed to steal the show with eight catches for 201 yards and four touchdowns, but Davis was relegated to a footnote when that final TD catch with 13 seconds left merely set up the heroics to come for Patrick Mahomes in an eventual 42-36 overtime win.

Diggs, the former Vikings receiver who pushed his way out of Minnesota after becoming increasingly unhappy with his role, did still manage to have a significant impact on Sunday's game despite the low receiving output.

With the game hanging in the balance in the fourth quarter, a Kansas City fan managed to run on to the field.

As the fan approached the line of scrimmage, Diggs came out of seemingly nowhere and tackled him to the ground. While TV cameras are instructed not to show such things these days, some footage from the stands showed the full impact.

The security guard gets some credit for staying with the play, but really the runner was down by contact after Diggs made his hit.

I say the tackle goes to Diggs, in what would have been an even more amazing moment had the Bills held onto the lead.