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Timberwolves coach Chris Finch called the first offensive play of the game for center Rudy Gobert.

This was to "show him some love," as Finch put it, after Gobert went through Monday's win over Miami without registering a shot attempt.

Gobert didn't connect on that shot, but it was one of just two misses in 11 attempts for Gobert as he had 21 points in the Wolves' fifth consecutive win, over the Pacers in Indianapolis.

"He kept breaking open on the roll and guys kept doing a good job of finding him," Finch said. "Found him all throughout the game really."

This came after Gobert garnered attention from the fanbase on Monday after his strong comments asking fans at Target Center not to boo the team as it goes through its first games together. He has preached patience with his teammates in the early part of the season and his words to the fans mirrored what he has said since the preseason.

"When you're a fan, you got to support your team in the tough or the good moments," Gobert said Monday. "There's no team in NBA history that only had good moments, so if you're not going to support us in the tough moments, just stay home. I think if you're going to embrace us in the tough moments, then come and then we're going to love the support."

Wednesday was one of the good moments. It was the best the Wolves have looked all season and the most natural Gobert has looked as a part of the lineup on both ends of the floor.

But just because Gobert is preaching patience doesn't mean he is complacent just waiting for things to click into place.

Finch said Gobert is an "adult in the room" when it comes to his professionalism. Gobert isn't afraid to demand accountability, especially on the defensive end.

"He recognizes the defensive potential that individuals have within them," Finch said. "He keeps pushing them to be really good in that department. He helps them with a lot of little things. Little habits. Little tricks of the trade if you will that also help our defensive scheme."

Finch appreciates the added voice emphasizing that end of the floor.

"He's on them in most timeout huddles to keep playing defense," Finch said. "When you have a bunch of guys who are naturally scorers, you need somebody in there reminding them how important defense is too. It can't just always be me. He's been really great in all facets in that regard."

Gobert has propelled the Wolves to the 10th most efficient defense in the NBA entering Thursday. Getting Gobert mixed into the natural rhythm of the offense has been a work in progress all season, but that looked crisp on Wednesday. Instead of forcing the ball to Gobert, the Wolves found him open as a product of their ball and player movement. It led to some of the easiest baskets Gobert has had all season.

Wednesday marked the clearest picture of what the Wolves could be, and of what Gobert can do for them when the team is operating at a high level.

"We understand the value of Rudy on both ends of the floor," Finch said. "He's a great threat at the rim. He draws a lot of fouls. He's been huge for us defensively. It just takes a while."