Photos: Meet Team Trans

This new team normalizes the hockey experience for athletes whose identity doesn't fit the usual gender divide.
Scout Fleckenstein hopped over the boards for their shift on the ice during a line change.
Team Trans players Finnegan Oachs, Karsen Cole, and Nicole Anderson, from left, stretched on the ice before their game against Macalester.
Team Trans captain Paige Rainer stretched as the team warmed up before their game against Macalester.
Sticks belonging to Team Trans players leaned on a wall outside their locker room before their game.
Nicole Anderson put her pads on before Team Trans faced Macalester.
Team Trans players stacked hands before beginning the third period of their game against Macalester.
Team Trans’ E.J. Siefert, scored on Macalester with a first period shot.
Team Trans’ Beck Fenske, left, congratulated teammate Paige Rainer on her goal.
Nicole Anderson waited for a line change so she could take the ice.
Players from both teams, including Team Trans’ Beck Fenske (8) skated after a loose puck.
Kade Mitchell, a Team Trans player on loan to Macalester for the game, shot on Team Trans goalie Danny Maki before crashing into him.
Karsen Cole (69) of Team Trans, shook hands with Macalester players after the game.
Team Trans and the Macalester team gathered for a group photo after their game.
Team Trans goalie Danny Maki took off his protective gear after the game.