Photos: Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell honored at funeral services

Mourners gathered for a public service at Maple Grove High School for the officer, who was killed in the line of duty on May 30

The memorial service program lists those eulogizing Mitchell as Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara, officer and friend Luke Weatherspoon and friend Chris Dunker. Mitchell's aunt Denise Raper is reading scripture, and the Rev. Mike Emmert is handling the opening and closing prayers.

A brief obituary included, "Jamal looked at life as an opportunity to make a difference in others' lives. He was a proud Minneapolis police officer. He was a devoted father and enjoyed sharing his love for basketball with others."

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Law enforcement members accompany the casket of officer Jamal Mitchell at Maple Grove High School on Tuesday.
Washington County law enforcement personnel arrive for the memorial service.
A flag is raised between two fire trucks before the funeral.
Law enforcement line up for the arrival of the casket.
People arrive in Maple Grove for the memorial.
A horse-drawn caisson arrives with the casket for the funeral.
People watch the arrival of the casket.
Law enforcement members salute as the casket passes.
A caisson arrives with the casket.
The Minneapolis Fire Department hangs a flag along the procession route.
A Patriot Guard Riders member stands with a flag outside Maple Grove High School.
Denise Raper, Jamal Mitchell's aunt, speaks during the public memorial service.
An honor guard escorts the casket into Maple Grove High School for the public memorial service.
Many members of law enforcement gathered for the funeral.
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey speaks during the service.
Law enforcement officers salute at the casket.
"Jamal Mitchell represented all that is good about the men and women of the Minneapolis Police Department and police departments around this state and this country," said Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara during the memorial service.
Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, center, attends the funeral of officer Jamal Mitchell.
The casket is placed in a hearse after the public memorial service.
Law enforcement officers leave after the memorial.
Members of law enforcement after the memorial in Maple Grove.
Angela Engberg, friend and co-worker of Jamal Mitchell, carries a flower and tag with his badge number.
A law enforcement honor guard pays tribute.
The hearse travels to the airport after the memorial.
Law enforcement members say farewell after the memorial.
A procession of law enforcement vehicles follows the hearse after the memorial.
A caisson carries the casket of fallen Minneapolis officer Jamal Mitchell.
The beginning of a half hour-long procession on Fernbrook Lane N. to accompany the casket of officer Jamal Mitchell following his memorial service.
Cooper Havn, left, and his brother Dane stand in respect as the procession passes on Fernbrook Lane.
People line the streets as the hearse and procession pass by.
Mari Morin makes a heart with her hands as she watches the funeral procession.
Plymouth firefighters salute as the procession passes by.
Tammy Erickson and Lisa Fobbe embrace as they watch the procession from an overpass of I-494.