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Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse joins host Michael Rand for a look back at the weekend in sports, leading of course with Sunday's Super Bowl. Kansas City won 25-22 in overtime over San Francisco, showing again why having the best QB on the planet matters in crucial moments. What did the game tell us about both teams -- and perhaps what did it tell us about the Vikings and Kirk Cousins now that the offseason is officially here?

15:00: Reusse and Rand get into the P.J. Fleck-to-UCLA speculation that perked up and died down over the weekend. Minnesota is actually a better job than UCLA. But why does Fleck's name come up so often when there are coaching vacancies?

26:00: Ben Johnson's Gophers lost a tough in in Iowa, while Reusse gives us a head start on Twins spring training with some early insights from Florida.

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