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Maple Grove woman claiming she killed abuser in self-defense wins appeal

The Minnesota Court of Appeals court said a jury instruction misstated the definition of "imminent" regarding the danger she was facing.

Man found guilty of rape, kidnapping, robbery in south Minneapolis carjacking

He accosted his victim as she was putting gas in her car at a gas station.

Woman sentenced to 16½ years for attempted murder of MPD forensic scientist

Defense attorneys were seeking probation as part of the woman's guilty plea deal for first-degree attempted murder.

Hennepin County Attorney charges two more in Brooklyn Park home invasion

The victim's family has criticized charges for the juveniles accused of the shooting, and wants Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to take over the case.

Duo sentenced for murder of pregnant Minneapolis woman

Annysa Zierhut's father called the sentences inadequate.

Attack on transgender woman in Minneapolis shows difficulty of hate-crime prosecution

It can be challenging to prove motive, prosecutors say.

Minnesota Supreme Court orders expanded camera access in courtrooms

Media groups say this is a significant advancement after decades of advocating for change.

Imprisoned Plymouth sexual predator sentenced to another 17 years for statutory rape

He spoke for the first time since sexual assault accusations surfaced in 2019.

Plymouth parents sentenced to 1 year in workhouse for neglect death of 7-year-old son

Despite remorse and pleas for probation, the judge imposed the harshest sentence under law.

Minneapolis man pleads guilty to killing 9-year-old girl in drive-by shooting

The girl, Trinity Ottoson-Smith, was jumping on a trampoline in a friend's backyard when she was shot in the head.