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Minnesotans are rounding the corner on the first full week of social-distancing measures meant to curb the spread of novel coronavirus, COVID-19. For those of you working from home, we asked: How are your pets adjusting to your constant presence around the house?

The responses were swift and manifold. After robust stastical analysis, area pets seem to fall into five categories of teleworking readiness:

-Ready to work
-Ready to receive nonstop attention
-Ready to continue napping
-Ready to hide out until this ends
-Ready for you to leave, please

Without further ado, here are our findings:

Reporting for duty

"Ahem, if I may have your attention for just a moment?"

Quietly in concealment

Somehow still sleepy after several naps.

"Please leave."

Want to share your teleworking pet photos? Click here and reply to show us how your pets are working from home.