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Icy conditions throughout the state this week wreaked havoc on commuter's schedules, landed hundreds in the hospital with ice-related injuries and sent Minnesotans in desperate search of ice-melting salt.

Meanwhile in Maple Grove, Josh Hagemeyer decided to work smarter, not harder in his efforts to clear snow from his mother's driveway. Frustrated from slipping and sliding up and down the driveway, Hagemeyer did the most Minnesota thing possible: he strapped on his hockey skates and completed the shoveling job in record time.

"I was sick of falling in the driveway trying to shovel. My skates just happened to be in the backseat of my truck in the driveway so I figured why not," Hagemeyer said. "It worked much better than I had expected."

Hagemeyer posted video of the scene on his Facebook page. The video quickly racked up nearly 300,000 views and hundreds of comments from fellow Minnesotans cheering on his ingenuity.

"That's the most Minnesotan thing I have ever seen," read one comment.

Another commenter said: "I should have done this today! It would have been safer than me trying to walk around in my boots!"