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Minnehaha Academy graduate and potential top-three pick in the NBA draft Chet Holmgren said all the right things Monday when he met with the media to discuss this week's draft.

Holmgren fielded the inevitable question: where would he like to end up on Thursday night?

"It's going to be a complete blessing to have an NBA jersey and put that hat on on draft night," Holmgren said. "It's not up to me at the end of the day, but no matter where it is, I'm going to lace my shoes up and get to work as soon as I touch down in the city."

There might be one franchise Holmgren is secretly hoping for more than the others. Orlando, which has the top pick, is also the NBA home of his former high school teammate and fellow Gonzaga Bulldog Jalen Suggs.

But as the draft process has played out, more of the draft prognosticators have slotted Auburn's Jabari Smith to the Magic and Holmgren to Oklahoma City at No. 2.

"I feel like no matter what level, situation or circumstances I'm in, I'm going to do what I have to do to figure out how to be effective and help my team win," Holmgren said. "I definitely see a lot of things with the NBA style of game that I can thrive in with the spacing, the speed, the run and gun."

During the 15-minute session, Holmgren discussed how he would fit with the Thunder and Sacramento Kings, who have the fourth pick. He also talked about improvements he has made this summer.

Aside from working on his strength, the 7-footer has put a lot of time in on his shot this summer.

"Most importantly I want my jump shot to be pure and consistent because if you can shoot and play defense, you can play at any time and any game," Holmgren said. "So making sure my shot is tight and consistent and I can get it off. Not only tighten up my jump shot but my moves and handles, my all-around game in general."

Holmgren also said he felt like he is ready to defend along the perimeter the way big men have to do in the NBA on screens.

"I've been blessed with certain tools you can't really work on or teach," Holmgren said. "But my lateral movement, and ability to move my feet is definitely something I put a lot of emphasis on working on and I feel like I can hold my own for sure playing defense away from the rim as well as next to it."

Wolves looking for center?

National reporter Shama Charania of The Athletic reported Monday the Wolves have been looking to add veteran centers, and named Atlanta's Clint Capela as a potential trade target.

The Wolves have been checking around the league to see how they might be able to bolster their frontcourt. The Wolves were one of the worst rebounding teams last season and could be looking for another center to pair with Karl-Anthony Towns, who might slide to the four on both ends of the floor in that situation.