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March 18: The Twins get a call from agent Scott Boras, asking about their interest in signing Carlos Correa as a free agent on a short-term deal. The Twins are very interested. In the early morning hours of March 19, a three-year, $105.3 million deal — $35.1 million each season — is agreed upon, with an opt-out after each season.

Sept. 30: When asked about the possibility he would remain with the Twins, Correa says, "When I go to the mall, and I go to the Dior store, when I want something, I get it. I ask how much it costs, and I buy it. If you really want something, you just go get it. I'm the product here. If they want my product, they've just got to come get it."

Nov. 7: After playing in 136 games, hitting .291 with 22 home runs, Correa opts out of his contract.

Dec. 13: Correa agrees on a 13-year, $350 million contract with the San Francisco Giants. The Twins were said to have bid as much as $285 million for 10 seasons.

Dec. 20: The Giants, concerned about the results of Correa's physical exam, cancel a news conference planned to introduce him. Boras immediately works a deal with the New York Mets for 12 years and $315 million.

Dec. 22: Correa's physical with the Mets gives them pause after viewing an MRI of a lower right leg repaired by surgery in 2014. There is no signing.


Jan. 9: The Mets are interested in restructuring Correa's deal. Boras moves on, and negotiations with the Twins resume.

Jan. 10: A deal — pending a physical — that will guarantee Correa $200 million over six seasons is reached with the Twins. The contract could extend for another four years at $80 million.