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Kennethy, a turkey known by several names who was often spotted in the Kenny neighborhood in Minneapolis, has died, after apparently being struck by a vehicle.

While the turkey often "directed traffic," he met his end Saturday by way of a vehicle, the Kenny Neighborhood Association said in a social media post confirming his death.

"He met his fate with a vehicle at the corner of 56/James. No humans were harmed. R.I.P. Gregory," they wrote.

Residents shared tributes to the turkey in the form of tearful emojis and a memorial video of Kennethy — also known as Gregory Peck or the Bachelor Turkey — rustling through leaves and crossing the street to the tune of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel."

"We loved him dearly and he brought us so much joy. Rest in Peace, my feathered friend," one person wrote, who said that to them, the turkey was James.

Another resident noted that the turkey "usually used crosswalks."