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Intro: Host Michael Rand offers perspective on Simone Biles, the dominant U.S. gymnast who pulled out of the team and individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Olympics this week while citing her mental well-being as the reason. Jim Souhan had a very good column in Wednesday's paper on the subject, and Rand echoes the need for empathy as we watch athletes compete at the highest level. That extends to the Twins, too, who had another spectacular defeat in a difficult season Thursday.

7:00: Star Tribune Editorial Editor Scott Gillespie joins the show to talk about all things Wisconsin sports — including, primarily, Aaron Rodgers and his return to the Packers. Gillespie, a known fan of teams across the border, had good thoughts on how fans feel about all this and what his hopes and dreams are for this season.

28:00: NHL free agency begins Wednesday, with the Wild perhaps pursuing an upgrade at center. Rand outlines one key stat that suggests reinforcements are very necessary.

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