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As ice exits early in Minnesota, optimism rises about opener

Walleyes likely will be more available than usual when the open-water season opens May 13 because of an earlier spawn and warmer water.

Ice has been long gone in the south and is just a memory on nearly all of the state's northern fishing lakes — the most popular destinations for many of Minnesota's 1.4 million anglers — as the May 13 fishing opener approaches.

Ride at the heart of Minnesota's gravel scene stays true to its origins

Shown in Elko, Minn., Penn Cycle president Pat Sorensen, John Sandberg and Chris Chavie, from left, have a shared history with the Almanzo 100 gravel road race.

Almanzo 100 was built by the tireless work of founder Chris Skogen. When he stepped aside, others stepped up.

2017 ice-out dates on Minnesota lakes

Here's a list of ice-out dates on several Minnesota lakes:

Minnesota woman conquered Antarctica marathon. Now she's raced at the North Pole

Lisa Richardson will run laps on a 4.2-kilometer loop on the snow and ice, watched by race organizers who have rifles on hand in case a polar bear shows up.

Antsy for fishing? Try these waters before the walleye opener

From suckers to sturgeon, here are five options. One even includes the esteemed walleye.

Cabin remains a blessing, even if it was "inconvenient" at the time

Mr. and Mrs. White had a great place, and then Mrs. White offered to sell it to the author.

Earth Day cleanups, hike among other weekend activities at parks

Do This Now: A list of weekend activities at Minnesota state and regional parks.

Grouse's arrival completes long-term land plan

Area was managed with hopes of attracting the game bird. Ten years ago, the ground was prepared.

That rumbling from grassy meadow? Likely leopard frogs

Common amphibians usually get active in late March and April after spending winter in watery depths.

Woodbury archery range closes after arrows purposely shot into nearby nursery fields

A Woodbury spokesman said he doesn't believe the archers were aware of the many Bailey Nurseries workers on the other side of the targets.

Anderson: On Northfield farm, couple cultivates a habitat habit

A Northfield couple has transformed the family farm into a showcase of wildlife conservation

Mille Lacs guide Steve Fellegy guarantees walleye* to eat

Mille Lacs fishing guide Steve Fellegy is trying to drum up business for the coming season by guaranteeing his clients will take home a limit of walleye fillets. There's, ahem, a catch.

'I just got beat by a 10-year-old': Rosemount girl is a running phenom

Rosemount 10-year-old is an inspiration to older, slower runners (that is, most of us).

The curious case of Minnesota's bike history and a Winona druggist

Contraption called a velocipede arrived in January of 1869. According to published accounts, it was watched with "great interest."

Steelhead working their way back to North Shore

It's in April that steelhead, or migratory rainbow trout, travel upstream sometimes 20 miles or more in search of narrow waterways and hospitable conditions for spawning.

Professor sues Wal-Mart over 'clean toilets' description

A Montana State University professor is suing Wal-Mart for libel after he says an employee at the Bozeman store listed his occupation on a fishing license as a "toilet cleaner."

Anderson: Legislature waging assault on vital public lands

Less hunting land means fewer hunters, which translates into less conservation.

U.S. Bank Stadium a threat to birds? Maybe, but more perils are out there

The stadium along Minneapolis' riverfront has drawn some fire, but cats top a long list of bird perils.

Anderson: Hunting a tom tests tenacity in dawn's early light

On a cloudy Thursday morning, turkey hunting turned into turkey waiting.