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Refashioned paddle helps man who lost his hand explore joys of canoeing

A specially designed paddle by a former environmental education teacher has allowed Scott Bush to do what he has long sought: A trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with his sons. The paddle features a shoulder harness, shown below, on which the paddle action pivots.

Former Northland College professor continues to refine a special paddle that has helped one man and his family enjoy a northern Minnesota outing.

Minnesota Zoo envisions itself as a gateway to state parks

The defunct monorail track passes above the Hanifl Family Wild Woods Play Area. Zoo Director John Frawley has proposed converting the 1.8-mile track into an aerial treetop walk.

Repurposing monorail to aerial treetop walk is one of many ideas to revitalize the Apple Valley zoo.

Dangerous toxic algae levels put Edina lake off limits to people, pets

Citing dangerous levels of toxic algae, officials have issued a health warning for Lake Cornelia in Edina, saying people and animals should not come into…

DNR, fearing spread of CWD, wants owner of troubled deer farm penalized

Fearing spread of CWD, agency pushing animal health board to suspend farmer's license.

Summer ride on the Paul Bunyan State Trail delivers solitude and more

Looking for a day-in-the-life of the northernmost section of the trail in north-central Minnesota was infinitely rewarding.

Twin Cities swimmers drawn to challenge, allure of open water

Every summer, Minnesotans get out of the pool and into the outdoors -- and tap into something that, in some cases, recalls their young lives on waterways.

A sidelined runner discovers the restorative power of nature walks

Walking can be so much more then, well, walking. Listen to Thoreau.

Weekend at Minnesota parks: Butterfly tagging, wildlife photography, paddling opportunities

Learn how to take great wildlife photos with any camera, or learn about the effort to tag and document monarch butterflies.

Scientists work on math model to better predict spread of CWD

Model shows the areas of fastest growth and could help manage outbreaks in Minnesota.

Nearly all Baltimore orioles will leave by first days of September

Nearly all Baltimore orioles will leave by the first few days of September to winter in Central America. They are night migrators.

New guidebook goes deep into Minnesota's vast camper cabin scene

Author of "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles" of the Twin Cities and others, Tom Watson brings personal touch to new entry.

Fishing contest will put spotlight on restored section of St. Louis River

The focus is on a section at Chambers Grove Park, where Minnesota Land Trust and others have worked to improve habitat, access.

Simple cabin near Longville eventually demanded a few modern conveniences

"We weren't able to find a suitable cabin or lake shore, and we decided to build our own place," writes cabin owner.

Outdoorsman says his experience is unequivocal: Duck numbers are down in Minnesota

Experience says duck numbers are indisputably down in Minnesota.

Three trophy fish tales

Today's trophy tales include 15-year-old Owen Sommerness of Edina landing a 52-inch muskie.

Minnesota fishing report

Anglers downrigging along the north shore of Lake Superior for lake trout have reported consistent action.

Gear alert: Loosen reel drags before storing them to extend their lives

Leaving a drag tightened year-round means you'll be shopping for a new reel sooner than later.

Starry stonewort found in third Stearns County lake

The finding follows two other infestations of Stearns County lakes by the invasive.

Walleye fishing on Mille Lacs reopens with a whimper

Walleyes were biting on big lake for those anglers going out.