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Carpi "Piazza Grande" Spumante Rosato di Modena Lambrusco

To varying degrees, rosé, Lambrusco and wines with effervescence have been trending upward in recent years. Well, how about a wine that combines all three? The nonvintage Carpi "Piazza Grande" Spumante Rosato di Modena Lambrusco ($14) checks all the boxes and is delicious to boot. It's also easy on the eyes and nose, with a super-fresh red-berry nose that portends the palate-cleansing delight to come. Maybe the most refreshing Lambrusco I've ever encountered, this light-pink beauty could not be any smoother, and the tingle provides an extra sensuous jolt on the midpalate and finish. Lambrusco traditionally sings with salumi, but this one also would play well with seafood of any ilk and spring salads.

Available at Dolce Vita, Top Ten, Kowalski's, Falls, Yarmo, People's Food Co-op (Rochester) and others.

Bill Ward