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Will it hide stretch marks?  Cellulite? Make you look thinner? And what exactly is that smell? A Minnesota spray tanning guru weighs in on achieving a perfect faux glow.

What's the difference between a spray tanning booth and a custom spray tan?

A booth will have a "one size fits all" solution, spraying your body with the same amount of formula head to toe. There is no way to adjust how much spray gets on your face, hands or feet, which makes the tan look fake and often orange. A custom spray tan is applied by a trained professional who will choose a solution based on your skin tone and type. The result is a natural sun-kissed appearance.

Will a spray tan make me look orange?

The short answer is no. "Orange" comes from a few different things; a pH imbalance in your skin (steer clear of body washes with sulfates), the wrong color or formula for your skin, or too heavy of an application. Read company reviews, and do a test run appointment before you book it for a major event.

What should I wear during a spray tan?

At goGLOW, we have an all female staff, so we allow ladies to tan nude. Men must wear bottoms. Whatever is left on during the spray is going to leave a tan line for 5 to 10 days.

Will it hide stretch marks?

Scars and stretch marks can be masked by an all-over and even application.

Can people of color get sprayed?

All skin types become more pale with a lack of sun exposure. A spray tan will give clients with darker skin a healthy, natural glow, like they spent a few days in the sun.

What happens with scar or tattoo tissue?

The texture of scars will not go away, but the color difference between skin vs. scar can be masked by an all-over even glow. Tattoo color is not affected by spray tans, and unlike the sun, does not damage the color of the artwork.

Will it affect acne?

Generally, a sunless tan masks skin redness and covers minor imperfections to improve the appearance of acne. Some sunless tanning products contain pore-clogging ingredients and can cause breakouts. Look for tanning companies that use plant-based and paraben-free solutions.

Will it make me look thinner or give me muscle definition?

Your specialist can use shading and contouring techniques to minimize problem areas and the appearance of cellulite. Muscles can be defined with a spray tan, making the body look a little leaner.

Do I need to shave before a spray tan?

Yes, but only unwanted hair. Shave or wax at least 8 hours before your appointment.

Is there an odor?

DHA, the active ingredient in all sunless solutions, has a malodor when it oxidizes on the skin during the processing time. The smell can vary based on your individual skin pH and chemistry, and on what spray formula is used during your service. GoGLOW solution has a patented "odor blocking" technology to reduce the smell.

Will my tan rub off on my clothes and sheets?

The bronzer can transfer onto clothing and sheets before you take your first shower. Most sunless formulas wash out of clothes. Be cautious of silks, cashmeres and specialty lace in the first 24 hours. The best outfit post-tan is dark sweatpants and a long sleeve, dark-colored cotton T-shirt. After you shower and for the week following your spray, the tan can rub off onto tight clothing. A thorough exfoliation 24 to 48 hours prior to your spray appointment helps reduce the rub off.

Answers provided by Melanie Richards, founder and CEO of goGLOW, a mobile sunless tanning service and salon with locations in Uptown, Edina and Chicago.