What's your State Fair IQ?

We asked some young fairgoers to tackle these questions and draw their answers. How does your knowledge stack up?

How many ears of corn does the Corn Roast booth go through each day?

Maddox, 9 • Edina

25,000 ears of corn

At what temperature is the corn at the booth roasted?

Tyler, 12 • Rochester, Minn.

575 degrees

About how many ice cream treats are served at the Dairy Goodness Bar during the fair?

Nicholas, 11 • Minneapolis

Approximately 182,000 ice cream treats

If measured by placing them end to end, how many miles of foot-long hot dogs are sold each year?

Maeve, 8 • St. Paul

35 miles of hot dogs

What insect was blamed for reducing attendance at the 1875 fair?

Braxton, age 9 • Pine Island, Minn.


How much butter is used to sculpt the likeness of Princess Kay of the Milky Way?

Emma, 8 • St. Paul

85-90 lbs

Throughout the year, how many animals are housed in the livestock barns on the fairgrounds?

Taryn, 8 • Rochester, Minn.

Nearly 20,000 animals

During a typical year, how many gallons of milk are served at the All You Can Drink Milk Stand?

Liam, 12 • Minneapolis

About 26,000 gallons

How many pounds of butter gets slathered on roasted corn ears each year?

Aubrey, 11 • Cumming, Ga.

4,000 lbs. of butter

How many pounds of ketchup do the Fresh French Fries stands go through each fair?

Connor, 14 • St. Michael

25,000 lbs.

How many chocolate chips does Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar use during the run of the fair?

Miriam, 10 • Chanhassen

54 tons of chocolate chips

What's the total number of corn dogs typically consumed each year?

Abby, 12 • Circle Pines

365,000 corn dogs

What is the most popular flavor of pie entered in the baked goods competition?

Elida, 8 • Fergus Falls, Minn.

Apple pie

What kind of animals compete in a costume contest at the fair?

Abby, 11 • Minnesota

Llamas and sheep

How many gallons of water does Ye Old Mill hold?

Maddox, 8 • Minnesota

About 60,000 gallons

What special event took place at the fairgrounds on June 22, 1910?

Mandeq, 18 • Minneapolis

The first airplane flight in Minnesota history

How many cookies can Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar produce in one day?

Kasper, 10 • Minnesota

3 million cookies

How many dozens of mini-doughnuts are eaten each year at the fair?

Trini, 17 • Minnesota

Nearly 338,000 dozen

Which U.S. president gave one of his most famous speeches at the State Fair?

Mackenzie, 11 • Stillwater

Theodore Roosevelt gave his "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick" speech in 1901

How many baby animals are born at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center during the fair?

Julia, 12 • Elk River

Nearly 200 animals