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Introduction: The Twins got a sorely needed 4-3, 11 inning win on Wednesday against the Padres. The offense stalled again, getting just two runs in the first nine innings, but starting pitcher Pablo Lopez was excellent and the Twins got clutch hits in the 10th an 11th innings. It was a further reminder of their identity shift this year.

5:00: Star Tribune columnist Chip Scoggins and St. Paul Academy senior Tommy Verhey join Rand for a practical thought exercise. Rand, with the help of Verhey, put together a completely new Twins lineup comprised almost exclusively of players the Twins have traded in recent years. Plus they talk about recent Karl-Anthony Towns comments about the Rudy Gobert trade and examine Chip's column on sports gambling and college sports.

36:00: Not so fast on that new Phoenix Suns TV deal.

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