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What if you could just call some of the top names in the Twin Cities culinary world and ask them just how to make the best bird and sides for your Thanksgiving table?

That was the thought that Dara Levine had. The co-founder of Cast Iron Communications, a restaurant media relations company, knew she already had the contact information for bold-name chefs. But she also knew she wasn't alone in having questions pile up ahead of the food-centric holiday.

"I thought this could be a great way of connecting the community with their chefs to answer all their questions in an approachable way," said Levine.

Enter: The Twin Cities Turkey Hotline, an updated tribute to the classic Butterball phone number. Home cooks can call 1-844-TURKEYDAY on Nov. 16, so plan ahead.

Who hasn't wanted to ask Thomas Boemer how to smoke a whole bird? Or get the tidbits of a Creole-style oyster stuffing from Tommy Begnaud? Each chef will have their line open for an hour.

Plug the number into your phone, get your questions ready and take advantage of this expert advice.


9-10 a.m.: Chef Mike DeCamp of Jester Concepts (PS Steak, Butcher & the Boar, and more)

10-11 a.m.: Chef Marque Collins of Tullibee

11 a.m.-noon: Chef Thomas Boemer of Revival

Noon-1 p.m.: Chef Aaron Uban of Momento

1-2 p.m.: Chef Jorge Guzmán of Petite Leon

2-3 p.m.: Chef Janene Holig of Hola Arepa and Hai Hai

3-4 p.m.: Chef Tommy Begnaud of Mr. Paul's Supper Club

"I was hoping to get maybe five chefs interested in this idea," Levine said. Instead they found seven willing to clear their calendars.