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We're used to slumming it in Section 323 for most Twins games (kidding, of course, we love the Skyline View seats), but tonight we're getting a serious upgrade courtesy of commenter Newbie. It's a double date of sorts featuring the one he calls "Newbile" along with The RandBall Better Half. We're told some corporate shenanigans are allowing for us to sit somewhere in that navy blue shaded area. Nicely done, Newbie. Nicely done. We'll even throw out your question as an end-of-the-week talker:

Finally, I have been curious. Do you know why the Twins chose the 1st base dugout? It doesn't have the nicer view, but I'm not sure if there was a baseball reason. Perhaps it was so when Cuddy and Mauer ground into double plays they don't have as far to trot?

We're not entirely sure. We're guessing it had something to do with proximity to the amenities built in the bowels of Target Field, but if anyone else has a better answer we're all ears. That double play theory isn't half-bad, though it's VERY NEGATIVE. Purge those thoughts from this three-day weekend.

And remember, if you are in downtown Minneapolis at First Avenue and Fourth Street around 2 p.m. tomorrow, you can see us participate in American Gladiator-style mayhem. The team is picked. Jody of Vancouver guest posting fame is the fourth member, along with MC Creme Fraiche and the RBBH. There might be video of it at some point; or it might be destroyed.

We haven't heard otherwise from The Marth, so we're assuming you'll have Weekend Links to devour in the morning. Don't count on much of anything Monday. Tuesday? Back in full force, though Wednesday and Friday next week will be spotty as well for various reasons. Plan your verbal assaults accordingly.