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Fasolamatt passes along a link that we'll leave you with today. Check out this study done by the New York Times on the teams selected by Madden 11 online gamers during the past NFL season.

The whole thing is fairly interesting, but locally the most interesting thing is obviously how the Vikings were viewed. Overall, the Vikings were the second-most popular choice among Madden players. But you'll note that their popularity waned (per that graph) as their fortunes did. They accounted for about 8 percent of games at the start of the tracking, peaked at more than 12 percent during Moss-mania, then dropped off as he faltered and the season went down the toilet. They were at around 3 percent by the end of the year.

In any event, we promise we're not trying to open old wounds. Just thought this was interesting. Carry on the discussion of Anthony LaPanta's hair if you wish.