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For those thinking hot honey is ubiquitous, meet St. Paul's Heart Soul Heat, the new Mexican condiment brand from Raoul Benavides. The debut product, Ghost Honey, shows there's plenty of life left in this spicy-sweet trend.

American-made honey is infused with ghost peppers, once the world's hottest pepper. The result is spicy — really spicy — but the peppers' fruity and slightly sweet notes complement the honey, making it the perfect foil to everything from pepperoni pizza to ice cream. Add a kick to holiday cheese boards, drizzle it over cornbread, give salmon a new edge, fuel a fun cocktail or add another layer of complexity to the dish that started it all: fried chicken.

"I am not into heat that will hurt you, but I want to open up your taste buds to another level," Benavides says. Mission accomplished.

Ghost Honey is available at Rose & Loon in Rosedale and online at ($14.99).