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To recap: Minnesota endured one week of (real) winter. Something I never thought I would witness in my lifetime.

Warmest December. Warmest February. Warmest meteorological winter on record. Eighteen days of 50-plus at MSP since Dec. 1, shattering the old record of eight days. Six subzero nights, all in mid-January. Average at MSP is 19 nights at/below 0F. Coldest night: -8F. The MSP record for mildest winter low was -2F (2001-02). "So far over 65 long-term climate stations have officially reported 2023-2024 as their warmest winter in history," wrote climatologist Mark Seeley.

Based on a brewing El Niño last summer I predicted a milder, drier winter. But NOBODY predicted this. Off-the-charts weather weirding.

We may come close to 70F later today with stiff winds and a few late-day showers. I see upper 40s and low 50s much of this week with rain Thursday, possibly ending as a slushy mix Friday with rare 30s for highs. ECMWF guidance hints at mid-50s again by mid-March. No polar slaps.

I suspect "winter" is over. Put a fork in it.