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Four seriously little books (3.25 by 6 inches, 150 pages), with the information punch of bigger brothers, are new this spring from University of Princeton Press:

"The Little Book of Spiders," "The Little Book of Butterflies," "The Little Book of Beetles" and "The Little Book of Trees."

These are not ID guides, rather more a lifestyle examination, well illustrated, and absolutely beautifully made, with sewn bindings and linen covers.

Princeton says in its promo copy, "Packed with surprising facts and gorgeously designed, (these books) will beguile any nature lover. Expertly written and beautifully illustrated throughout with original artwork and color photos, they are accessible and enjoyable mini reference books."

Indeed, they are exactly as advertised. Hardcover, $14.95.

Birds on TV

To learn more about nature, meet the only truly aquatic raptor and sole member of its own taxonomic family in "Nature: Season of the Osprey." The show follows a single osprey family filmed where the Connecticut River meets Long Island Sound. 7 p.m. Sunday, May 5, on TPT Life.