Birders, beware: If you venture off road, be prepared to monitor for ticks

Prime birding territory is often prime tick territory, as well. Be vigilant and watch for any illness symptoms.

Hitch a ride on a birding road trip from Minnesota to Texas

You can map out your trip to maximize the bird sightings you're after, but nature — and hotels — will throw you a few curves.

Four little books on nature and a show about an osprey family

Learn about spiders, butterflies, beetles and trees in four new books, and follow an osprey family in a TV show.

New book helps you know your flycatchers

Three of Minnesota's common flycatchers are in the field guide.

That's no eagle: Turkey vultures are the other large birds soaring above

They tilt or rock their 6-foot wingspan as they fly with their wings in a V pattern.

Even common birds like the bluebird are full of mysteries

Despite conveniently nesting in manmade nest boxes, there are still lots of areas to study for Eastern bluebirds.

What's in a name? For birds, often nothing helpful

The American Ornithological Society decided to excise all names of people from birds and replace them with something more descriptive.

Catch owls on the nest via webcams

You don't have to leave your nest to watch owls on theirs.

To prevent bird window strikes, think outside the window

Decals or other deterrents need to be placed outside the window to be effective, research has found.

Keep your eye on the skies: Bird migration begins in three weeks

Survey finds millions enjoy watching wildlife, and spring migration is a good time to watch.