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Good morning,

The aftermath of a momentous and controversial legislative session continues to stir passions on Star Tribune Opinion. Today, Paul John Scott, a veteran health care reporter and longtime contributor, criticizes the Mayo Clinic's intervention to alter ambitious health care legislation, especially concerning hospital nurse staffing. "Good Mayo, Bad Mayo: How Minnesota got the treatment" argues it's all part of a pattern for the state's iconic medical giant.

Meanwhile, Avi Olitzky weighs in to rebut one of the best read commentaries of the year, Howard Root's "Goodbye Minnesota," which lambasted the Legislature's sweeping progressive agenda earlier this week. In "Minnesota will do nicely without hopeless critics," Olitzky argues that Root exaggerates the state's challenges and misunderstands the purpose of government.

Coming this weekend: Sunday will bring a Star Tribune Opinion tradition, as legislative leaders from both major parties square off to offer their sharply different assessments of what the session wrought. And Monday, Memorial Day, will feature some special holiday fare. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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